How to use iPhone 7 dashingly

The unveiling of iPhone 7 has made a hit worldwide. Exciting fans of Apple are eager to have a try of the new product, and they are curious about the unique functions of it. Now let’s learn some techniques about how to use iPhone 7 smartly.


1. Take pictures with its camera
iPhone 7 has been greatly improved in photographing. The pixel of its front camera is 7 MP, and that of rear camera is 12 MP,
which enables it to shot clearer photos. Besides, the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) technology and the big aperture applied by iPhone 7 makes it perform well both in shaking circumstance and in darkness.


So, if you are enthusiastic about taking pictures, just bring your iPhone 7 with you, and no matter where you are—— on a shaking bus with beautiful scenery outside the window, in a quiet street which reminds you of the old days, or under a piece of starry sky as fancy as that in a fairy tale, you have no need to hesitate over taking excellent pictures with the phone. If you are interested, you can even shot photos under water! There was an experiment to test its water resistance ability by keeping the iPhone 7 in the water for 30 minutes, and the result approved that it can perform almost normally after being taken out!


2. Be like a cool guy with the cool earphone
Another surprise iPhone 7 brings to us is that it has removed the traditional 3.5mm earphone jack. The newly promoted wireless earphone——AirPods, means that cables are past.
AirPods is a cool thing not only in that it differs from other earphones in shape, but also in that it is of high tone quality——its anti-noise designation enables it to distinguish its inner voice from outside noise, which means that no matter how noisy circumstance you are in, you can enjoy music and go on with your phone talking without being disturbed, and if you are walking on street and have to be careful about the surrounding environment, you can adjust the earphone to make those noise heard. What’s more, its battery can last for as long as 5 hours.


Some people may ask: what if I’m not in favor of wireless earphone? Well, since the Apple Company has provided each customer a converter, they can still use their former earphone by adapting the earphone to the converter. One thing to be noticed is that the charging line and the converter shares the same lightning interface, so you have to use the cool AirPods if you want to charge and listen to music at the same time.


3. Enjoy the double stereo loudspeaker
The removal of the 3.5mm earphone jack has both made iPhone 7 thinner and saved room for its newly designed double loudspeaker.


Generally, the loudspeakers works at the same time, which will provide users with3D experience. However, if the users have any demand to turn one off, they can do this by adjusting the settings. Besides, the phone can automatically change the soundtrack when the it is turned 180 degrees round. For example, turned 180 degrees left, it will become the left soundtrack.
Above are the three basic techniques of using iPhone 7, to know more about its usage, you can explore by yourselves. Of course, you should be able to afford one at first .


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