What is Apple Touch Bar

Apple has just updated its high-end lineup of laptops——the MacBook Pro, for the first time in four years, which has been in the foreground recently. The most visible feature of the new product is the Touch Bar, which replaced the little-used function keys. Perhaps most of you are curious about what Apple touch bar is, and you will catch a basic idea after reading this article.


What Is Apple Touch Bar
Apple touch bar is a thin horizontal touchscreen that sits along the top row of the keyboard for instant access to the tools users want. It changes automatically based on what users are doing to show relevant tools. For example, when users are watching videos, they can use the touch bar to adjust the progress of the video instead of using a mouse; and when replying messages, users can insert emoji by pointing on the touch bar.


Functions of Touch Bar
Since Touch Bar changes automatically according to the apps in use, it means that it’s quite powerful and has plenty of functions.
1. Setting Light and Volume
The most basic function of the bar is to set light and volume for the computer. Just by moving the bar left and right, you can choose the light intensity and the volume up and down.

2. Editing Pictures
When you are editing pictures, you can use the Touch Bar to browse pictures to choose one first, and then zoom in the picture to check the picture clearly. Besides, you can also use the bar to adjust colors and other features.


3. Editing Words
While using office-software, people can use the bar to edit color, sizes, style of calligraphy and so forth of the words to meet their needs.


4. Dealing with E-mails
With the Touch Bar, people can even choose whether to reply or to resend the E-mile, which simplifies the process of E-mail dealing.

5. Customizing
The content of Touch Bar can be customized according to the users’ preferences, which fits their needs well.
Above are just part of the functions of Touch Bar, there reminds more to be discovered according to the apps people use.

Touch ID
Actually, Touch ID is not part of the Apple Touch Bar, it is briefly mentioned here because it lies on the right of the Touch Bar. It’s the first time that Touch ID has been available on a Mac, which enabling instant access to logins and fast, secure online purchases with Apple Pay.

Debates over Touch Bar
Since the unveiling of MacBook Pro, people have been discussing the new set Touch Bar. While pros believe that the Touch Bar has facilitated the way people use computers in many aspects, antis argue that when using Touch Bar, people have to move their eyes from the screen and look down at the bar frequently, which actually makes the efficiency lower, what’s more, the Touch Bar makes the MacBook Pro more expensive than other laptops.


It seems that each innovation is destined to raise hot discussions, however, whatever the comments are, innovation itself deserves encouraging, and so is Apple Touch Bar. We appreciate the surprise Touch Bar has brought to us, we cannot say it is revolutionary for now, but it’s definitely an ambitious move .


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