How Do I Pair My Bluetooth with My iPhone 7

Bluetooth technology, as a way of wireless communication, is increasingly popular nowadays. We can see Bluetooth devices used in many places, such as speakers, wireless keyboards and phone headsets. To satisfy with the demand of drivers even cars are featured with Bluetooth technology today. Bluetooth gets rid of the tire-some wires and makes it easy to transfer data. Have you gotten the skill to pair or connect a Bluetooth with your iPhone 7? If not, follow my steps as followings, which is a fairly simple process.


Step 1: turn on your Bluetooth device

Before turning on your Bluetooth device, you should make sure that your Bluetooth device is powered on and on working status.

Step 2: put your Bluetooth device close to your iPhone 7
In order to make it efficient, your Bluetooth device and iPhone 7 should be close to each other, better no more than 30 feet apart is recommended.

Step 3: open your iPhone’s settings
When your Bluetooth is ready, unlock your iPhone and find the setting apps. Upon finding it, tap it with your finger to open it.


Step 4: put the device in pair mode
Everything is prepared, now you can put your Bluetooth in pairing mode and make it discoverable, which means your Bluetooth device, under this condition, is suitable to pair with your iPhone 7. And then select Bluetooth on the list that appears in your iPhone’s settings. It would be much better if you know the brand name and possibly the model number of your Bluetooth device. Then you will be sure to choose the exactly right one.

Step 5: Pair your iPhone with the Bluetooth device
Tap the right Bluetooth device appeared on the list of your iPhone’s setting. Two options are provided here on your iPhone screen showing a Bluetooth Pairing Request. Tap “pair” to pair your iPhone with the Bluetooth device. After doing so, you may be asked to enter a password. Usually, the password may be 0000, 1111or 1234. Just try any of these and wait for the notification which will alert you that your iPhone has paired with your Bluetooth device successfully.

Attention: Bluetooth device only can work in a limited distance, so keep your iPhone and Bluetooth closely and be sure they are in rang of each other!
As far as I’m concerned, the functions of Bluetooth seem much similar to that of Wi-Fi with the difference that the Bluetooth is short distance supported while Wi-Fi supports a longer distance. With Bluetooth we can share a variety of data with each other in a simple way and leave bothering wires far away!


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