Best Docking Station for MacBook Pro


The outstanding features of notebook are ultra-thin-and-light and super practical comparing to desktop computer. It makes notebook become more and more portable, but there are some subsequent problems, such as notebook is too light to stand on desk firmly, too less ports there to satisfy daily requirement and its bottom is seamlessly close to the desktop so that it’s difficult to dissipate heat. Therefore, Docking Station was invented for extending the ports of notebook. Before introducing best docking station for MacBook Pro, I want to talk about the advantages of docking station.

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6 Advantages of Buying a Docking Station

1.Help your MacBook Pro to stand on desk firmly

After installed docking station, your MacBook Pro can stand on desk firmly, in case someone may accidentally crash on it and your MacBook Pro may be scratched or broken.

2.Improve heat dissipation of your MacBook Pro

Docking station lifts up MacBook Pro and increases the efficiency of heat dissipation through enhancing the air circulation. On the one hand, extra heat will not be conducted to the surface of desk and decrease the comfort of usage. On the other hand, it prevents the parts inside your MacBook Pro from being damaged by overheating.

3.Tidy your desk

Organize all exterior cables behind the docking station and keep the tidy of your desktop. It enables you to organize and use the external devices.

4.Improve your work efficiency

In office, connect network cable, power connector, the cable of printer, mouse cable and so on to your docking station. So when you come into your office, you just need to put you MacBook Pro on it. And separate them by press a button when you want to leave there. Nothing will be more convenient than that.

5.Guard against thief

Due to the weight of a docking station which almost equals to a notebook and large size, when you lock your MacBook Pro onto a docking station, it gets inconvenient to carry so that there is less chance to be stolen to some extent.

6.Protect health of your wrist

The built-in keyboard parallels desktop when you use it daily. If you keep typing on the keyboard for a long time, the health of your wrist will be damaged and even get disease. After installing docking station, there is a 30 degree angle between keyboard and desktop. This will reduce the pressure to wrist and arm caused by long-term typing.


Best Docking Station for MacBook Pro 2016

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1.LandingZone DOCK 15″ Secure Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display Model A1398


This docking station aims to turn your MacBook Pro with retina display into a fully-fledged workstation which is capable of seamless multitasking. It features docking capabilities that still allow you to utilize your laptop’s in-built ports and headphone jack.It supports dual-displays using a HDMI port and Thunderbolt connectivity using a Mini Display Port with Apple Thunderbolt support. It secures your MacBook Pro firmly using its in-built Security Slot that can be used with Kensington laptop locks to further enhance the security. This docking station enables easy internet access using its Gigabit Ethernet port. Its USB hub features three USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports in addition to a HDMI interface, an MDP and a headphone jack.

2.Ugreen USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station


The multifunctional Ugreen Universal Docking Station with durable and stylish aluminum housing enhances the functionality of your machine by giving you more ports that can be used for various connections. It features 5 USB 3.0 ports, a card reader slot, one HDMI, DVI and VGA interface and a Gigabit Ethernet port, which improve the functionality of your laptop computer. The universal docking system is also fitted with a power adapter to allow you easy and fast charging every time you dock your MacBook Pro. Its USB 3.0 ports are capable of data transfer speeds of up to 5GB per second. It also gives you easy internet access with the Gigabit Ethernet port and faster data transfer speeds when using a memory card, thanks to its USB 3.0 card reader

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