What’s The Disadvantage Of iPhone 7


Under the fact of the domination of apple products in the market of smartphone, many people choose to buy iPhone without doing any deep survey to it. With a good reputation and high quality service, apple has won the heart of most people. However, in recent years, people have been witnessing the speedy development of other smartphones, so it’s necessary for us to consider that: is iPhone real worthy being put in priority? Being sensitive, let’s have a close look and find what the disadvantages of iPhone 7 are.


The change on headphone jack
As we all know that the most significant changes on the iPhone 7 include an upgraded camera, a new home button and the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Actually the missing

headphone jack has become one of the most controversial decisions as to most users of iPhone 7, they are not allowed to use Lighting EarPods without adapters, it’s not cheap to buy a wireless Airpods, while using an adapter is not dashing at all and there are too many gadgets to carry.


Limited running memory
Since other smartphones have come on the scene, they have caught up to the functionality offered by recent versions of the iPhone and in some cases even surpassed it. For instance, in the area of running memory, I think, compare to iPhone 7, most android devices which come with 4GB even 6GB have a more proper design. Though most of time it will not influence your smooth, the limited running memory will show its disadvantages when you keep

multiple applications open at the same time. Because in order to ensure running smooth, the back-stage management will close some applications that he thinks less important. As a result, the users have to reload the page when they are come back after dealing with something else.


Unreasonable price differences among different versions
There are three different versions according to different internal storage. The iPhone 7 comes with 32GB, 128GB and 256GB with different prices. Nevertheless, people do agree that the upgrade of storage is quite user-friendly, but the price is not that friendly to be compared to other popular smartphones with similar specs.


No fast-charging
In order to offset the disadvantage of fast power consumption, most android devices have improved its charging speed with diversified fast charging technologies. But we cannot see this improvement in iPhone.
Everything has its pros and cons, there is no doubt that iPhone has its strong merits in quality and many other aspects, however, with the rapid catching step of other products, it’s a better way for us to choose what we want by comparing and contrasting, especially in an era of infinite options!


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