The things you can do with Apple Touch Bar


Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro recently. It’s called “Apple’s Thinnest Lightest Pro Design ever”. However, its most attractive part for me is the high-tech Touch Bar. It’s so gorgeous and magical, of course, also useful. If you buy the newest MacBook Pro due to this magic OLED display strip, you have to know what you can do with Apple Touch Bar so that your money wasn’t wasted. Here are the things you can do with it.

1. Accept or decline phone calls

When someone gives you a call via Face Time or through a nearby iPhone, your Touch Bar will automatically turn into a response pad. You can choose accept or decline this phone call or send a message on the Touch Bar just likes in iOS.


2. Quickly choose Emojis

While we chart with others in apps like Mail and Messages, we usually use Emojis to express our feelings. They are cute and functional. However, it is a little inconvenient to access them on Mac. At this point, Touch Bar acts as a hub for displaying these Emojis and you can scroll them left and right. And you will be surprised that when you tap on one, several similar Emojis will show up as suggested options. Your frequently-used ones will be kept and accessed easily later.


3. Edit your photos

Touch Bar supports Photos and other similar photography apps, so that you are able to edit image with it. You can do things like cropping, rotating, filtering, adjusting and so on. These functions will be built into Photoshop before the end of this year, but some will also appear in Apple’s app. You can also scroll through photos by Touch Bar.


4. Edit videos

With the new updated Final Cut Pro X, you can edit videos using Touch Bar in a large variety of editing situations. For instance, you can clip videos and audios, adjust volumes and so on. The function of Touch bar depends on what you are doing in the app, therefore, the things you can do with Touch bar are endless.


5. Type more efficiently

As autosuggest in iOS, MacBook Pro adopts Quick Type, the predictive keyboard, applying on Touch Bar. Now, when you type on MacBook Pro, no matter which app you use, the Touch Bar learns how you speak and predicts what you will say next. Then you can choose the words you want to express if it appears, rather than spelling it out letter by letter.


6. Customize the shortcuts

As any navigation bar throughout the apps in macOS, you can switch the default buttons on Touch Bar to the shortcuts which you usually use, such as locking screen, taking screenshots or quickly composing an email. I’m sure you will love this function.


7. Touch ID

On the right-side of Touch Bar, the fingerprint sensor will appear when there is need to check your identity. You can use it to pay for your electronic bill, log in your account or switch accounts.


8. Browse the website

When you browsing pages in Safari, Touch Bar will show buttons for new tabs, starting searches, and navigating back. You can even see tab previews in it and access your bookmarks.

9. Search place in Maps

When using mapping apps owned by Apple, there are shortcuts for basic searches, such as for restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas, bank and so on.


10. Access the function keys

Although Touch Bar takes the place of all Function keys, it doesn’t kill the F buttons. Function keys can be shown on Touch Bar. You’ll just need to hold down the function button on the keyboard to bring those up.


Besides, Touch Bar can also be used to fast forward videos, invoke Siri, scroll through the calendar, manage you email, control music and edit documents. However, those functions of Touch Bar are not the all. With the development of apps, new functions will be added continuously. Let’s find more functions of it!

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