How to Solve iPhone 7 Not Working with Itunes?

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What is iTunes?

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iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download, and organize digital downloads of music and video  on personal computers running the macOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

So, When you connect your iPhone 7 to iTunes,  try to transfer data, update the firmware or just plain sync. you get the “iPhone 7 cannot connect to iTunes” error. There can be a lot of reasons why this happens. We’ve built a few possible solutions that can fix the issue. Lets check them out.

The first case,When You connect your iPhone 7 to computer,  and open iTunes but the iPhone 7 doesn’t show up.

As a Windows PC user your iPhone 7 touch is not being found or detected by iTunes or the computer, you can update the iOS Device Driver like so,

1.Go to the Device Manager in Windows, and locate “Apple iPhone” under portable devices section

2.Right click on the ‘Apple iPhone’ and choose “Update software”

3.Now click “Browse on my computer”

4.Navigate to C:Program FilesCommon FilesApple… and choose the folder called “Drivers”

The updated driver will install and update and iTunes should now detect the iPhone 7 as intended.

That driver approach is for Windows PC, for Mac there is no driver to update in OS X aside from iTunes and general OS X system software, which is updated from  Apple menu > App Store > Updates.

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The second case, Your computer cannot detect your iPhone 7, but other computers can detect your iPhone 7 normally.

Uninstall all the Apple-related software. Then, reinstall iTunes.

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The third case,  iPhone 7 is connected to computer, your iPhone 7 can be detected by iTunes, but you cannot sync data.

For this situation, we have to consider several reasons.

1. Haven’t authorize your iTunes

Solution 1: If your iOS devices fails to sync with iTunes, the Sync button is greyed out and not available at all, or if you try to sync and nothing transfers over to the iPhone 7,  you may simply need to authorize the computer with iTunes.

iTunes uses an authorization system to ensure only a handful of computers can access your purchased music, videos, and other content at any given time. When you authorize your Mac or PC, you’re giving it permission to access your apps, audiobooks, books, music, movies, and other content.

2.iTunes version is out of date or USB Cable is broken

Solution 2: Just updating to the newest version of iTunes is enough to resolve all syncing problems, particularly if the desktop software hasn’t been updated in a while. By default, there will be a upgrade notification pop up once there is a new version available. About the USB cable, all you need to do is switch the USB cable from one port to another and see if it works.

3.Computer or device problem

Solution 3: Restart your iPhone 7 could be an effective way to solve iTunes syncing problem. To do this, hold down the Power button and Home button simultaneously until the device restarts.

If you encounter the above situations, please use the above methods to solve it. I am sure that you can get  huge Surprise.


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