Can I Charge My Smartphone Overnight?



Nowadays, phone batteries charge really doesn’t last long nowadays and the invention of variety games and apps, people are really struggling.

In our daily life, the most convenient time to charge our phones up is obviously when we are sleeping, because at that time we are not using them to message friends, play games and watch videos.


However, the New York Times recently tackled the question of should you charge your phone overnight?

Before we get into the detailed answers, we’ll give you the short answer first. — Yes, you can leave your phone plugged in overnight if you are only keeping your phone for two year and then replacing it as most people do. Just go ahead, as there is no any difference. Your phone is very smart. Once it’s fully charged, it knows when to stop the current from coming to protect your phone from overcharging.

Batteries in mobile devices today have become much smarter. There are no more worries about when it comes to the battery health because power optimization has been put on the shoulders of the software running the smart devices.




The real risks are found at the cheap gadget accessories. Typically speaking, the cheap counterfeits are not built with safety in mind and can be very dangerous.

In order to keep the smartphone stay longer and charged safely, here

I marked out two of the latest wall chargers from EasyAcc, which combined with Quick Charge and Smart technology.


The EasyAcc 2-Port USB Wall Charger and 3-Port USB Wall Charger, they are combined with 24W/4.8A and 36W 7.2 A respectively which could charge two or three devices at one time.

Within the features of the latest technology called ‘SmartID’, it can identify your devices whether are being charged or not and could make sure that they have received the optimum charging efficiency.


Tips for phone charging


1: Some people usually charge their phone when it comes to the low battery. They believe that charging when phone has enough power increases the times of charge and discharge and shorten the battery life. In reality, lithium battery prefers to be charged many times and little for each time. It helps lithium battery to play its role effectively.

2: Within the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion, some people are firmly believe that it is dangerous to make a phone call or play phone games while charging.

Actually, nowadays, the lithium battery of smartphone has the function of self-protection. The power will be cut off when the circuit is over charging. Explosion won’t take place.

But for safety, if your phone is fever during the charging process, do not make phone call in case of any accidents.



What’s your opinion about overnight charging? If you have noticed some of the difference after charging overnight, sound off in the comment below!


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