How to Buy an iPhone 7 Plus Unlocked

The new iPhone 7 plus has been officially available worldwide. You can hit the store to get one or place the online order right now to avoid the crowd. While there are 2 versions launched in market—-the locked and the unlocked one. What is the difference between them? Is the unlocked iPhone 7 plus better than a locked one?


When we say that an iPhone is locked, it doesn’t mean that it is broken or inferior. It means it only works with one specific carrier like AT&T or Verizon. For example, if your iPhone has been locked with Verizon, but you want to change carriers to AT&T or Sprint, so you think that just taking the SIM card out and putting in a new SIM card from AT&T or Sprint will do the trick. Sadly, it won’t. It will not accept any other SIM cards than the carrier that it has been locked with.


Now I think most of you probably have an idea on what an unlocked iPhone 7 plus is all about. It is the exact opposite of the locked one. An unlocked iPhone allows the use of multiple carriers. If you are tired of Verizon, go ahead and get a SIM card from AT&T or any other carrier that you desire. Your phone will function normally. It sounds good, doesn’t it? More freedom! More choices! But how to buy an unlocked iPhone 7 plus?


The easiest way is to order online. Just head to Apple Store’s website, choose the version and place the order. If you are on AT&T, Verizon or Sprint, you are required to provide existing account information, including the wireless number, billing zip code and SSN, no matter you pay full price or pay in installments. But in case of T-Mobile, you only have the option to pay full price to get the unlocked iPhone 7 plus with T-Mobile SIM card inside.


While you can’t buy an AT&T, Sprint or Verizon iPhone 7 plus online without an existing account, you can do it at the physical Apple Store. Just walk into the store and ask to pay full price for the new iPhone 7 plus. However, no matter you buy it online or at physical store, the con of purchasing an unlocked iPhone 7 plus is that you will have to pay more. And it really depends on how your financial status is. So think about your salary, if it is hard for you to afford it,you can try the following methods:

When you already have an iPhone 7 plus, but it is locked, there are still ways to unlock it with the help of third party service. However, I don’t recommend getting an iPhone 7 plus unlocked if you still haven’t finished paying the mobile carrier that you are with. Technically, the phone isn’t yours yet. It would be advisable for you to go to talk to your mobile carrier first before you unlock it. Most mobile carriers give consumers the option to unlock iPhone once they have finished with the contract or have paid an early termination fee to cancel their existing plan.


An unlocked iPhone 7 plus is ideal if you are traveling to another country, because you will need a SIM card from that country.


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