What is the Apple Newest MacBook?


Apple newest MacBook, MacBook Pro, has been released on 27th October, 2016. The new MacBook Pro is “Apple’s Thinnest &Lightest Pro Design ever” and also the first major update since the original Retina models in 2012. Apple did a great effort on newest MacBook Pro and it seems to have closed the gap between the Pro line and the competition. It’s finally here. Let’s learn more about it.

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Newest MacBook Pro Price

The price of MacBook stays at high level in the first place. Now it is still affordable just for some people. There are two different-size models, 13-inch and 15-inch. Besides, it is even possible to customize one for yourself. So you can pay just $1499 for a 13-inch basic model with touch bar or a price up to $4798.98 for a customized 15-inch most high-end model having every advanced configuration for MacBook. Due to the customization service, the price range of MacBook Pro is large. So the price of your MacBook Pro depends on your choices. There are several configurations which provide options, processor, memory, capacity, Graphics, keyboard and documentation and pre-installed software. Any one among them will cost you a number of money if you want your MacBook having it. Know more details about the price of MacBook Pro.

What’s new for MacBook Pro 2016?

Huge Trackpad

The new Force Touch trackpad is a larger version of the old one. The solid slab does a better job than you might think of replicating a regular “clicky” trackpad. In addition, the larger surface area is great for the trackpad gestures in macOS. But it’s still not quite a replacement for a physical trackpad, which is still capable of more satisfying feedback.

Super-thin and Light

Although MacBook Pro is equipped with more advanced technologies, it becomes thinner and lighter than it used be. 13-inch MacBook Pro is 14.9mm thin and weighs just 3 pounds. 15-inch MacBook Pro measures just 15.5mm thin and weighs 4 pounds. Therefore, it is more portable than before. If you don’t want to travel or head to the office with a heavy computer, MacBook will be a good choice.


Smartly Designed Touch Bar

Apple redesigned MacBook Pro’s keyboard applying OLED based Touch Bar instead of function keys. Touch Bar is a new type of interaction. It enables MacBook Pro having more shortcut key and shortcut operations, such as start Siri, view and edit photos, fast forward music and choose emoji. Touch Bar even supports 2-nd fingerprint recognition for unlock MacBook Pro or confirm payment. And it also can customize shortcut functions for different apps.


Loads of USB-C Ports

It is the first time a MacBook Pro doesn’t include standard USB ports, instead, there are only 4 USB-C ports (13-inch basic model without Touch Bar just has 2 USB-C ports). Thankfully, the 3.5mm headphone jack is still here. Up to now, we cannot define this change is advantageous or disadvantageous. After all, Apple did a lot of pioneering innovation. Some of them may attract controversy in the first place, but finally are well-received by customers.


Radeon Pro GPUs (15-inch models only)

On the basis of the information released by AMD, the Radeon Pro graphics processors inside the MacBook Pro are thinner than a US penny with a Z-height of 1.5mm. However, it still packs in 3 billion transistors. The Radeon Pro, featuring as advanced power technology, allows the MacBook Pro to stay quiet and cool even during demanding tasks. On MacBook Pro website, Apple states that the 15-inch MacBook Pro offers up to 130 percent faster graphics performance with the Radeon 460 and up to 2.5x more computing power per watt compared to the previous-generation 15-inch MacBook Pro. The 13-inch MacBook Pro applies integrated graphics instead of discrete graphics. However, Apple says the Iris Graphics 550 is up to 103 percent faster than the Iris Graphics 6100 inside the previous-generation 13-inch MacBook Pro.

2nd-generation Butterfly Keyboard

Apple applies 2nd-generation version of the butterfly switch mechanism which is first used in the 12-inch MacBook. The key travel is noticeably improved and the keycaps are very firm that make it difficult to mistype.  

Space Gray Color Option

Apple provides Space Gray color option in addition to the usual silver. Both of them are all-metal enclosure. No matter you buy a space gray or silver one, it will fully represent your fashion sense.

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