How Many Cycles MacBook Pro Battery can run

As we all know that battery plays an important role in laptop. But at the same time, battery is also one of the most vulnerable parts in notebook. In fact, with a little bit of care, you can get most from battery life. Normally, a battery can be charged and discharged 300 to 400 times. In recent years, the new MacBook Pro family made a big step on improving the conditions of batteries. According to the official statement of Apple, the cycles of MacBook Pro battery can reach a number of one thousand.

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First of all, we shall make it clear about what is the cycles of battery. As for Apple’s MacBook, the battery life is not decided by the length of the total use of time, but by the charge and discharge times. Theoretically, battery from 0% to 100% is a full charge. That is a cycle. In practice, most battery will not be used to 0% till get recharged. So no matter how many times you charge your battery, as long as the sum of charge quantity reaches 100%, it is recorded as a cycle. For example, the first time the battery is charged from 40%, and the next time the battery is charged from 60%, then the two times of charge is a cycle. Generally speaking, 13 inch MacBook Pro can run a length of 10 hours after a full charge, and 15 inch MacBook Pro can run a length of 9 hours.


For common consumers, this involves a problem: how to check the cycles of your MacBook Pro battery?
Step 1:
Click on “Finder”

Click “Applications” and then on “Utilities” icon

Double click “System Profiler”

Step 2:
Following window will appear, click on “Hardware” and then “Power”, you will find “Battery Information”. Here, the first section tells you about battery “Model Information”.

In “Charge Information” section, you can find the current state of battery as: charge remaining, fully charged etc.

The third section is “Health Information”, actually here you can find what is the condition of your battery right now. As the following screen showing the Cycle Count is 466, which means the battery has been full discharged and recharged 466 times.


The meaning of cycles is that each time after one cycle, the capacity of battery will be reduced a bit. When the capacity remaining can reach only 80% of the original capacity, in other words, the cycles reached 1000 or more, the battery need to be changed. But in common case, at this time, a new advanced laptop has already been launched in market. We should still take good care of the battery nevertheless.


In order to maximum use of the battery, you can close some software or equipment not used frequently. Don’t charge or discharge for the battery directly after removing it from your laptop. If you don’t use your MacBook Pro for a long time, please note it: (1) Pay attention to environment temperature and humidity, place your battery in a ventilated and dry position. (2) Must maintain some power for it and recharge it once a month at least.

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