iPhone Battery Life Comparison

In September, Apple’s latest product iPhone7 officially released, in addition to the much-anticipated A10 chip, dual cameras and wireless headphones, the new iPhone’s endurance has also been further improved. Although the conference site did not disclose the specific size of the capacity. But according to the official introduction, in the actual battery life test, iPhone7 compared to the previous generation 6s extended 2 hours, but what’s the actual situation?

 iPhone Battery Life Comparison 1

The new iPhone7 Plus compared to the previous generation while upgrading one hour use time, but its significance is far from iPhone 7 than 6s Plus increased 2 hours to the important, after all, iPhone 6s life can only be said to be unsatisfactory.

Although the official did not release the data, but the query Ministry of Industry can view the parameters of Apple iPhone7/ iPhone7 Plus. iPhone7 battery capacity of 1960mAh, increased 245mAh than the iPhone6s 1715mAh. Do not underestimate this 245mAh, it can play an unexpected chemical effect under Apple’s optimized, in addition to this is Apple removed the headset hole  in exchange for increasement of the valuable internal space.

 iPhone Battery Life Comparison 2

From the official website contrast, this 245mAh brings a full range of life improvement, including the use of Internet time increased by 2 to 3 hours, the wireless network video playback time increased by 2 hours, of course, which can not be separated from A10 processor’s credit.

Although Apple A10 processor chip using the same 16nm FinFET like A9, and not to enhance the power consumption at the expense of the contrary, through a reasonable switch between the different cores, A10 Fusion processor also help iPhone7 series extended battery life . The A10 Fusion processor has four cores, two of which are high-performance cores, while the other two cores are used for applications that require less CPU resources. The new controller takes over CPU calls.

 iPhone Battery Life Comparison 3

Although Apple just said iPhone 7 battery can be more 1 hour than iPhone 6, but if you are the old one compared to the iPhone 6s Plus, certainly the enhancement would be more than 1 hour.  A new iPhone 6s Plus if available for 10 hours, the old iPhone 6s Plus can only support up to 7 hours after a year, and now even iPhone 7 Plus can be used for 1 more hour which means 11 hours totally, increase 4 hours before replacement. This is the replacement immediately to quickly experience the benefits.

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