Can You Use Your Cellphone on an Airplane


In many people’s opinion, cellphone has turned to be one of necessities of life. We use cellphone for making phone calls, texting, playing games, shopping online and so on. We can do almost everything through cellphone. However, we could not use cellphone anywhere discretionarily. Here’s what you should know about using your cellphone on an airplane.


Can I use cellphone on an airplane?

Yes, but has some limitations.

Up until October, 31 2013, passengers could only use personal electronic device (PEDs) after the plane had reached 10,000 ft. At that day, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a press release entitled “FAA to Allow Airlines to Expand Use of Personal Electronics” in which it announced that “airlines can safely expand passenger use of Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) during all phases of flight.” However, it comes with several caveats.

First, not all airlines support the relaxed rule. Rules vary from flight to flight depending on the airline and carrier. It is better that you use your cellphone following the guide and instruction of flight attendants.

Second, even though you can use your smartphone during takeoff and landing, your cellphone must be in Airplane mode. You can play offline games, read books through e-reader app. But anything requires an active cellular connection is strictly banned. This means online apps, text messages, emails, and phone calls are still forbidden. However, if the plane is equipped with Wi-Fi, you can pay for it and use Wi-Fi to surf internet. Can You Use WIFI On A Plane

Of course, if the plane is equipped with system like picocell, you can connect to cellular network and make phone calls by your will.


Can I make a phone call on an airplane?

It is allowed on some airlines.

To prevent disruption to the cellular phone network from the effects of fast-moving cell phones at altitude, the FCC has banned the cellular connection on board in flight before. But with the use of system like picocell, flies are able to make a phone call on an airplane. However, not all airlines have the same rules. Please follow the instruction of flight attendants. Or if your cellphone connects to the Wi-Fi on flight, you can make an internet phone call. Many people do not support the idea of allowing voice call on board in flight, because they think it will interrupt other passengers. Please pay attention to your volume while making a phone call.


Can I text on an airplane?

Not exactly.

Since some airlines still do not allow their passengers to use the cellular connection of portable electronic devices, passengers can’t send SMS texts. Of course, if your plane has Wi-Fi and you would like to pay for it, you can also email, tweet, and update Facebook as much as the bandwidth aboard allows. It is better that you  follow the instructions of flight attendants.

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