Why We Don’t Want Buy iPhone 7 Anymore?



Not an iPhone launch goes by that there aren’t lines out the door at the local Apple store or enough excited fans to make a preorder sell out. But for all of the iPhone fans who are feverishly comparing the capabilities the iPhone 7 to those of the iPhone 6s, there are plenty of other iPhone users who aren’t considering the iPhone 7 and may not have purchased it. There are some people who really don’t want to buy new iPhone anymore. So what’s the reason for it?


Well, it’s because Apple isn’t introducing the features that people want. For instance, there are various rumors indicated that the iPhone 7 could get features like wireless charging, a thinner body or an invisible home button which could made the new iPhone 7 a much more compelling upgrade.


Nevertheless to say that iPhone 7 just failed to bring many of the features that iPhone fans wanted. Although it combined some new features like water resistance and improved battery life. But many users are waiting for something better, especially the charging speed.

Think about it, every time you faced with a low battery warning right before you need to leave, you are frustrating and annoyed and want to buy a expensive smartphone, because in your opinion that the higher price, means the faster phone charging speed and long battery life. It’s really ridiculers. If you only acquire the fast charging speed, here are some neat tricks can help you charge your phone speed up and without buying an expensive new one.


1: Use the right power adapter and cable.


Different smartphone work with different chargers and the power adapter are normally comes with your smartphone. When it comes to choose a wall charger, be caution to the amp rating. For instance, your charger will have the written like ‘ 5.0V> 1A which means the 1amp of current is what most smartphone need, if the charger has a higher amperage rating, your phone will still being charged with a faster rate.

Also the charger should stand with high quality and here I would like to highly recommend the EasyAcc 2-Port and 3 Port wall chargers. It’s combined with the latest charging technology called ‘SmartID’ which means the wall charger could transfer circuitry smartly that maximizes its charging efficiency depending on the device

Also, each of the charger’s port has 7.2A of power output, so it will charge all your devices in a brisk fashion. Within thousands of positive reviews from Amazon, which indicate that the EasyAcc chargers are stand with high quality and good after-sale service.


2: Use a wall plug point, not a USB port


It’s will definitely charge your phone slower if you charged through laptop’s USB port. However if there are conditions that you have to use the USB port, then ExtremeTech recommends spending $25 to grab yourself a Practical Meter, which is a little gizmo designed to optimize charging through a USB port. And yeah, you can also use it in conjunction with any wall adapter too.


Above all, determine why you want to buy a new phone is more important than buy a new one just because the new generation are released. There’s never a good time to buy an iPhone in each year. No matter whenever you purchase one, there’s always going to be a newer.



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