How To Copy iPhone 7 Contacts To iTunes?

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Yes, you have got the brand new iPhone 7! What will you do to start with a new iPhone? Except you should know how to transfer data from iPhone 7 to a computer, the thing you need to do is copy the Contacts from the previous smartphone to the new iPhone 7. So what do you do that? Various tutorials on website to show how to cope Contacts from iTunes to new iPhone. But here I will provide you a way on how to copy iPhone 7 Contacts to iTunes. Get it easy.

Via iCloud to get the backup.

Nowadays, more and more Apple Fans prefer to use iCloud as a nice tool to save some data from iPhone, for example, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes, News and Wallet. Apple introduced iCloud back in 2011 and its cloud service can be used to easily transfer contacts from one device to another. But if don’t use it before you read this article, okay, let’s use iTunes instead. Here you only need to do is use the iCloud as a storage, put the Contacts in it. Please notice that, every Apple ID will get a limited amount of iCloud storage space. If you prepare to put as much as you can in iCloud, you could pay more for 50GB/200GB/1TB. Following steps show you how to make an iCloud backup.

Connect your previous device to the Internet with Wi-Fi.
Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup.
Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on.
Tap Back Up Now.
Stay connected to Wi-Fi until the process finishes.


How To Copy iPhone 7 Contacts To iTunes 1


How to copy iPhone 7 Contacts to iTunes?

1. Let’s start from Apps & Data screen. First, you need to tap Restore from iTunes Backup > next.

2. Plug your iPhone 7 into PC/laptop where you download the latest version of iTunes.

3.Open iTunes on your computer and select your device, the new iPhone 7, from the menu bar.

4.Choose the “info” to make sure the next step “sync contacts” is available.

5.Then click the “Sync” to copy/transfer iPhone 7 Contacts to iTunes.

6. Okay. You get the Contacts from iPhone 7 to iTunes.

How to copy iPhone 7 Contacts to iTunes 2

As what I said before, it’s quite easy, right? Also sometimes it is necessary to know how to get your Contacts back to a new device. There are also two ways. Transfer your iCloud backup to your new device or get the Contacts from PC/laptop via iTunes. Pay attention to erase your device after transfer the Contacts to a new device, tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. This will erase any data that’s currently on your device. After you erase it, your device restarts and the “Hello” screen appears.

Write on the bottom

Know how to copy iPhone 7 Contacts to iTunes for having less trouble about getting a new iPhone 7. More tutorials about how to use iPhone 7 will be ready for your guys in series, please await.


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  1. iPhone Contacts Manager software is a prominent tool, which have gathered features of transferring, backup and editing. So, you can use it to transfer contacts from iPhone 7 Contacts To iTunes with 1 or few simple clicks.


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