How to Choose a Wall Charger

How To Choose A Wall Charger

How To Choose A Wall Charger

We all have multiple devices to charge every day, and number is going up. Smartphone, smart watch, tablet, fitness tracker and they all comes with individual charger.

However if you accidentally left your micro USB charger back at the hotel, office or sofa space with 500 miles away…, that’s really annoying and frustrating. Now, it’s time to buy a new one!

Will you pick up a cheapie from your nearest electronics retailer or buy a original charger from the official website? Don’t be silly, what gives? What used to take 3 hours to charger now takes to. How high the price is to purchase a wall charger?

How To Choose A Wall Charger

Typically speaking, not all chargers are created equal, even if they look similar. So how to choose a good wall charger is being a question. Sometimes they come in all shapes in sizes, with different price tags. You may want something qualified and inexpensive. For your needs, here we picked out some quick buying guidelines which will save your time and ensure that the charger will optimized for your device’s power requirements.

Firstly, I would like to introduce some background about charging power which divided in Power, Current and Voltage.

How To Choose A Wall Charger

Simply speaking, the amount of power is determined by them. That means, power it the product of current multiplied by voltage as some of the larger devices such as tablet and PSP they all have substantially bigger batteries than smartphone or fitness tracker. The charger is special designed for the former tend to deliver energy at a higher rate.

In other words, if you use the USB connected to a PC will charge your iPad mini four times slower than the iPad charger it came with.

So it’s really the amperage that determines how fast a charger will supply power to your power to your device. If you want quicker charging, look for a wall or car charger that delivers 2100 mA of current at 5 volts.

How to choose a wall Charger?

How To Choose A Wall Charger

There are hundreds, or thousands of wall chargers on the market. If you are grabbing a new charger off the shelf or buy one on Amazon, we would like to recommend the EasyAcc 2-Port and 3-Port wall charger.  They are convenient wall charger and with the clever circuitry that maximizes its charging efficiency depending on the device which called ‘SmartID’, the latest technology from EasyAcc.

Each of the charger’s port has 7.2A of power output, so it will charge all your devices in a brisk fashion.

Also, this compact charger delivers n incredible value, offering portability in its size of 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches and 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches respectively. Plus durability from its built-in surge protection and safety feature.

Have you got the secret of how to choose a good wall charger?

How To Choose A Wall Charger

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  1. always great to see a charger that you can use while travelling abroad without having to adapt it

  2. Thanks for the guide. I’d personally go for the quickest that has the most ports!

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