How to choose USB Hub

USB Hub is a device that can extend a USB interface to several (usually 4), and can make sure the use of these interfaces at the same time. There are only a few of USB interfaces on notebook computer, while devices that need to use USB interfaces are in large numbers. In consideration of USB mouse and other external USB devices, the USB interfaces of the notebook are obviously not enough. Even the desktop computer which is rich in USB interfaces either can not meet the requirement. At this time, the USB Hub is an ideal device to solve these problems. However, there are a wide variety of USB Hubs on the market. How should we choose them?

How to choose USB Hub

The USB Hub drew the attention of many manufacturers for its huge market potential. Due to the low technology threshold, USB Hubs are divided into 2 major categories: copycat and the genuine product. The greatest problem the users encountered in their use of USB Hubs is that the removable storage device can not be used after being connected to the computer. For example, the power indicator light doesn’t shine, or the USB disk doesn’t work.

The price of a copycat USB Hub is very low, and the lowest price is only 10 yuan. Meanwhile, it has 4 interfaces to connect to USB devices. Therefore, many people are fond of these copycat products. But the manufacturing process of these USB Hubs is very simple. There is almost nothing but a capacitor on the circuit board.


Due to the absence of main control chip and necessary circuit design, these Hubs often can’t identify USB disks in daily use. When several USB devices are used at the same time, the shortage of power supply is often serious. Therefore, the copycat USB Hub which is famous for its low cost and simple process gains market advantage by cheating in work and using inferior materials. So this kind of Hub is not worth buying.


The genuine product usually has a complete circuit, including the main control IC, crystal oscillator, fuse, electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, decoupling capacitors and so on. Both the compatibility and stability are better than the copycat products.


In addition, the power supply capability of USB Hub is also a key factor to determine how to choose a USB Hub. In order to enhance power supply, there is usually an additional power interface on some genuine USB Hubs. A common USB Hub can easily drive a USB disk, no matter it is copycat or the genuine product. However, the copycat USB Hub is very hard to drive a removable hard disk, because the mechanical components of a removable hard disk need more electric energy to drive than the USB disk.


So, as a consumer, you’d better choose a genuine product. And it is not much more expensive than the copycat one.


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