What Does Waterproof Mean

Waterproof is no longer a new topic. No matter it is tunnel, bridge, dam, road, construction or our daily living housing, waterproof can’t be ignored. At the same time, the electrical products we used in daily life also have to face the problem of waterproof. If there is no waterproof technology applied on them, many troubles will come after .


Electronic products are widely favored by consumers for its intelligent, convenient and sophisticated features, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, PSPs, laptops, removable storage devices and so on. With the growing popularity of electronic products, potential security risks are increased, so the safety design is of higher demand. The core of digital products is electronic components. If the electronic products are in the humid environment for a long time, the circuit board will be corroded and damaged. Once falling into the water, it will be burned down in the instant the electronic product is switched on, and the data will also be completely lost. Many unexpected events will cause damages from water to the electronic products which are being carried or used by people.


Therefore, the design of electronic products should consider more safety factors, especially the perfection of waterproof function. For users, the waterproof function reflects the people’s demand for security. For one thing, the waterproof function avoided the loss and danger caused by accidents in daily life, to make people have a sense of trust in electronic products. For another, the perfection of waterproof function increased the entertainment and use demand in special environment, brought more fun to people.


Many people have the habit of eating or drinking in front of a computer. Thus, it is likely to cause damage to the keyboard, for the water enters into the keyboard accidentally. Moreover, the users dropping mobile phone, digital camera or other electronic products to water by accident will also result in the electronic component’s not working.


Electronic products are usually composed of PCB, the shell, lens, LCD, the power interface, the headphone jack and other components. Therefore, the design shall consider not only the waterproof of circuit board, but also the joints of various parts.


With the continuous improvement of technology, more and more new materials and technology are used in the waterproof design.


Waterproof is closely related to people’s life, is an enduring topic. Understanding waterproof, knowing how to live, and you will discover the beauty of life every day.


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