Whether the Screen Protector is necessary for a New Cellphone

I remembered that there ever was a joke like this: Steve Jobs spent several years to make the cellphone a few millimeters thin, while people restored it to the original shape with a cellphone case. Apple overcame countless hardships to upgrade the mobile screen to HD, while people ruined it with a screen protector. Although it is a joke, it reflects the special place of screen protector in people’s heart. However, is the screen protector really necessary for a new cellphone?


Usually people think that the bigger the phone screen, the easier it is to break down or scratch. Although the screen protector sacrifices a measure of touch feeling and screen brightness, it can protect the screen, which is the most expensive component of the mobile phone, to the utmost. So it is absolutely necessary to set a protector on the mobile screen. Is it indeed so?


From the professional point of view, whether a material can be scratched by another, depending on the hardness of them, properly speaking, depending on the contrast of their “Mohs value”. The mobile screen is made of toughened glass, whose “Mohs value” is 6-7, while the “Mohs value” of common metals, such as steel, iron and copper don’t reach 4.5. Therefore, an ordinary knife can’t leave permanent scratches on the mobile screen easily. Moreover, the “Mohs value” of our fingernails is below 3.5, so the fingernails don’t stand a ghost of a chance of scratching the mobile screen in daily use.


But if it is so, why are there obvious scratches on some mobile screen? It is because that although the “Mohs value” of glass is higher than steel, it is lower than quartz—the main constituent of stone, sand and even dust, which are existing in daily life here and there, but often ignored by us. If the cellphone was dropped to the ground or put into your pocket or backpack without a screen protector, it is very likely to scratch by stones or small sands. In addition, the glass is fragile. Thereby setting a screen protector is not more than what is due.


However, we don’t encourage people to set a screen protector on the mobile screen, because the smart phones are replaced by new ones in quite a short time. Very few people didn’t change their cellphones in 3 years. In fact, only under extreme conditions, the screen protector can play a role in protecting mobile screen. As long as you take a little care of your cellphone, there almost aren’t any scratches left on the screen. But then again, if you play the mobile phone as a football or take it across the desert or want to sell it at a good price on the resale market, you’d better set a screen protector on it.


In the final analysis, whether to set a screen protector on cellphone is the same as whether to cover a book. It’s entirely up to you.


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