What Is My Battery Life?

Battery life is always not long enough for normal people to use. Many people may wonder what affect my battery life? Why the battery life drain is getting more and more faster than normal? Why it still lose fast after I quit those cumbersome apps? Obviously, battery life is the key problem of your electronic products.

What Is My Battery Life? 1

There is a factor affecting battery life that is vitally important for managing both product performance and warranty liabilities particularly with high cost, high power batteries. Batteries have a finite life is due to occurrence of the unwanted chemical or physical changes to, or the loss of the active materials of which they are made. Otherwise they would last indefinitely.

These changes are usually irreversible and they affect the electrical performance. Battery life can usually only be extended by preventing or reducing the cause of the unwanted parasitic chemical effects which occur in the cells.

What Is My Battery Life? 2

First of all, temperature is a major factor in battery performance and shelf life. The capacity of a battery is lower when the ambient temperature is too low. In higher temperatures, the battery cyclic life would significantly reduce. For most of the batteries,65-90 degrees Fahrenheit would be the recommended temperature range. With all that we use our cell phones for always on social networking, video and music, voice navigation wherever we go, most need to be recharged nightly. Another common cause of battery drain is badly designed apps, which can hog battery life by constantly syncing and pushing alerts.

Those high-definition screens on smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or HTC One M9 or other are a common culprit while the smart phone’s live-updating homescreen are on.

What Is My Battery Life? 3

Here are some tips for you to extend battery life:

1.You can only reduce an app’s “on screen” battery usage by reducing the amount of time you use the app. In other words, don’t open it and it won’t be “on screen”. You can, however, reduce the amount of background activity an app is permitted.

2.Turn off the bluetooth. Bluetooth doesn’t need to be on unless you are using it. Bring up the Control Center and toggle it off until you need it.

3.It’s inconsistent how helpful it is to have your smart phone tracking your location. What we can conclude for sure is that it drains the battery faster. Head into Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn off any app you don’t feel needs to be tracking you. You can also go further in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > SystemServices to stop location services.

The better you treat your battery, the longer it lasts.



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