Samsung Galaxy Note 7 V.S. Apple iPhone 7: which is the best

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 V.S. Apple iPhone 7 double camera

The new iPhone 7 may not surprise people that much because of less creative changes. IPhone 7 Plus pays attention to large screen and have popular double camera to bring a better photo experience. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the other popular new smartphone with large screen. Therefore, people may want to know, iPhone 7 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy  Note 7, which one is better or more worth to buy.

iPhone 7 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comperasion


IPhone 7 Plus has metal body, while Galaxy Note 7 uses glass body. They both use different but popular design. In detail, iPhone 7 Plus uses 5.5 inch 2.5D curve glass in the front with narrow margin and there is a Home key set in the bottom. But, different to the old iPhone generation, iPhone7 and 7 Plus have touching Home key. Galaxy Note 7 uses 5.7inch 3D curve screen in the front with an iris sensor on the top and a pressing Home key in the bottom.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 V.S. Apple iPhone 7 apperance
In the back, iPhone 7 Plus adapts the newest curve antenna design and adds one more camera in the back, but the cameras are still raised. On the contrary, Note 7 is simple designed with curve glass with single camera in the back.

They both have power key and volume keys in the side and they both have metal frame. However, iPhone 7 Plus is thinner after kicking the headphone jack and Note 7 is a little bit lighter with glass body.


Smartphone performance mainly depends on processor. IPhone 7 Plus carries Apple A10 Processor and 2GB RAM, while Samsung Note 7 carry Exynos 8890 processor with 4GB RAM. From the Apple presentation, A10 is the best smartphone processor in the world nowadays, which is better than Exynos 8890. So iPhone 7 Plus has higher performance. But in Memory, RAM starts from 4GB and ROM start from 64GB, which let Note 7 friendlier in detail.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 V.S. Apple iPhone 7 prerformance


The most outstanding change for iPhone 7 Plus is double 12-megapixel cameras in the back, one for wide angle and other for telephoto. This brings a big improvement for photos. Note 7 has a 12-megapixel in the back. Optical anti-vibration is supported by both iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 V.S. Apple iPhone 7 double camera

Battery Life

Battery life of IPhone 7 Plus is similar as 6s plus, around 2900mAh. But with better processor, battery life for iPhone 7 Plus will at least an hour longer than iPhone 6S. But iPhone still not support any fast charge technology. Note 7 has 2500mAh battery capacity, but consider its screen size, it won’t perform pretty great. But Note 7 support Quick Charge 3.0, so the charging speed will be faster.

All in all, iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 both are the best smartphone in their brand. The advantages for iPhone 7 Plus are double cameras and better operation system, while the advantages for Note 7 are curve screen, iris sensor, and S pen. Which one is better depends on buyers personal preference.


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