iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7

The wait is over. Apple Special Event has just came to an end last week. Here are the new products as expected. There are a few things you will get excited about iPhone 7 after  a comparison with iPhone6s, and is it worth considering for an upgrade?

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 1

No more 16GB

With the iPhone 7, Apple replaces the A9 CPU with the A10 Fusion and the speed improvements appear impressive. The two high-performance cores it have are forty percent faster than iPhone6s, which are 120 times faster than the original iPhone.

When you are doing foundational stuff such as sending messages or emails, the new GPU is fifty percent faster than the A9 with two high-efficiency cores. Also the speed of games could be much improved. Meanwhile, Apple replaces the16GB and 64GB to 32GB and 128GB.

See goodbye to headphone jack

This would be the most popular handset to do so. The problem comes out first is that you will not be able to plug any old pair of headphones into the new iPhone7, the same as the Moto Z. But Apple solved the problem already. Every iPhone 7 is bundled with the new Airpods that plug on the Lightning port. Apple also provides a lightning to 3.5mm adapter available that enable you to continue using the old cans.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 2

Surface change

Take an attention to the bottom of iPhone7 and you will find some differences. Not only appear the speaker holes on each side of the lightning connector, but also the antenna removed to the other top of the iPhone7. There are  two more colors black and jet black for you to choose.(no more space grey)

At the same time, the home button redesigned to a pressure-sensitive home button, it would be much powerful than it on iPhone6s with sensitive taptic feedback.

Improved battery

Apple says the iPhone7 and iPhone7 plus have the best battery life than any other type of iPhone, it has 2 hours more life than iPhone 6s from each charge on average. There are always no enough battery for use. It would be one of the weakest points of smartphone on the market. People always welcome the enhancement of improved battery life.

There are more improved changes need you explore about the iPhone7/plus. Do the new products satisfied you? What’s the idea in the terms of you?


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