How to Pair Bluetooth Device with an IPhone?

How to Pair Bluetooth Device with an iPhone10.jpg

1.  Bring your Bluetooth device and your iPhone in range of each other. To make sure that your Bluetooth device pair your iPhone,the two devices need to be close together, no more than 30 feet apart.

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2.  Turn on the Bluetooth device. If the technology does not automatically turn on when the device does,you might need to look for a special Bluetooth setting on the device, which means it is possible that you will need to turn on the Bluetooth technology with a button or switch.

Last but not least, before you can pair your iPhone, the device needs to be powered on.

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3.Put the device in pairing mode. For some Bluetooth devices, you will need to turn on the pairing mode. If you

do not see pairing mode as an option, then you will need to

look for the option to make the device “discoverable.”

Being “discoverable” means that other Bluetooth devices can pair to this device if they are in range of it. When devices search for nearby Bluetooth devices, yours will populate on their lists

If it is a device that has the Bluetooth technology turn on automatically when it powers on, you likely will not have to search for this setting.   

How to Pair Bluetooth Device with an iPhone3jpg   

4.  Unlock your iPhone. In order to get into the Settings, you need to unlock your iPhone.

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5. Find and open the Settings app.

The Settings app is a gray icon with a symbol on it that looks like a cog. Upon finding it, tap it with your finger to open it.

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6.  Select Bluetooth on the list that appears in the Settings. Tap it to navigate into the next page, which will allow you to access the Bluetooth settings.

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7.Toggle on your iPhone’s Bluetooth technology. One option should appear on the next screen, and that is to turn on the Bluetooth technology with a slider. Tap the slider with your finger, and the dot will slide to the right, while the background of the slider turns green.

You may briefly see the loading symbol, which is a series of small dashes in the shape of a circle.

Once the Bluetooth is turned on, you will see a message below the slider.

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 8. Search for your Bluetooth device in the list under “Devices.” Now that the Bluetooth is active on your iPhone, your iPhone will search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Locate your device on that list once it populates.

Hopefully your device will be the only Bluetooth device that appears on the list. If other devices appear, be sure to know the brand name and possibly the model number of your device, as it will likely be named in that way on the list.       

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9.Pair your iPhone with the Bluetooth device. Do so by tapping the device’s name once it has appeared on the list of available devices.

You may be prompted to enter a password. Common factory-generated passwords include 0000, 1111, and 1234. Try any of these to see if it is accepted. If not, refer to the user’s manual for the device; in some cases, like with computers, you may have to generate the password yourself.

Wait for the notification alerting you that your iPhone has paired with the Bluetooth device.       

How to Pair Bluetooth Device with an iPhone9.jpg

10. Keep both devices in range of each other while using them. Once you are paired and begin to use the device, you need to stay within range of it in order for it to continuing working. If you walk out of range, you may have to reconnect.


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