How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to TV

The Bluetooth headphones have made our life incredibly easy, since its advent. Currently, the most widely use of Bluetooth in daily life is the application of mobile phone Bluetooth. However, with the popularity of Bluetooth technology, home appliances have inevitably had a relationship with Bluetooth, such as the television, refrigerator, digital camera, fax, printer and so on. Thereby, this time let’s talk about how to connect Bluetooth Headphones to TV.

The connection between a TV and Bluetooth headphones will expand your moving space. But first of all, you should make sure whether there is a Bluetooth function in your TV. If so, proceed as the following steps:
1、Start the TV and enter into the main interface.
2、Find and enter into the system settings with a remote control.
3、Find and turn on the Bluetooth, meanwhile, start the Bluetooth headphones to make it in a state of pairing.
4、Search the Bluetooth devices around until the name of Bluetooth headphones appears on the screen of TV.
5、Connect (a password may be required). When the blue indicator light flashes 2 times every 3 seconds, the connection is successful. Then you can enjoy the music or program of the TV through Bluetooth headphones.

However, if there is no Bluetooth function in the TV, you should use a Bluetooth transmitter to connect the TV to the Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth transmitter is a converter that transmits the wired audio signal through Bluetooth. And there is no need to install any drivers or software. Its technology structure is very simple, and the price is also not high. Based on this, the Bluetooth transmitter has great market potential. But for users, how to use the Bluetooth transmitter?
Firstly, you should connect the Bluetooth transmitter to a TV set-top box with an audio data line (usually the Audio&Video Cable). Then press the key to start the transmitter. Finally, repeat the last 3 steps above. If you want to connect more than one headphone at the same time, you need to change the settings of transmitter or use multiple transmitters.


No matter a Bluetooth transmitter is involved or not, the effective range between the TV and the Bluetooth headphones is within 10 meters. So please don’t go beyond this distance.


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