New Functions And Features On The iPhone 7&7Plus

Apple made the Apple Special Events last week which launched iPhone 7&7Plus.iPhone 7 pre-orders have started! Are you going to buy an iPhone? Let us see what are the new features and functions of new iPhone.


Apple came out with two new colors, two different types of black. One is jet black (glossy),the other is black(matte). Black is such a sophisticated color, it’s very sleek. although many ladies still choose the rose gold. So there are five colors at all ,jet black(glossy),black(matte),rose gold, gold and silver. The navy blue didn’t come out.



Airpods are wireless headphones. They are powered by Bluetooth. It might eat up your battery when you connect it to the iPhone. On the one hand, many people are fans of wireless headphones, because all the headphones they’ve ever had with wires they always broke them. The problem is the wires get all messy and tangled. Once you put the wire in a bag, the wire has a life of its own. But on the other hand, the new airpods’ appearance are teased online. Also,airpods are not included in the phone. It’s sold separately. You can plug your old wire headphones into the headphone jack, but it’s like an extra piece of equipment.



The bad news is the iPhone 7 doesn’t get the glamorous twin-lens rear camera that you’ll see on the iPhone 7.But it does have other camera enhancements. The rear-facing camera has a f/1.8 sensor and able to do all of its computational trickery in 25ms.The telephoto lens and wide angle allow you to zoom 10 times, and give you really high resolution pictures.

4.Home button


Apple has redesigned the Home button on the front of the iPhone: it’s now force-sensitive and static-state. That was real somewhat expected. In other words, the Home button doesn’t click inwards/downwards when you press it. And the feature is already in use on the firm’s MacBook laptops.

5.Water resistance

Apple uniformly referrd to the iPhone 7 as “water-resistant” rather than “waterproof” with an IPX67 rating which means the hardware can withstand immersion in up to 1 meter water for 30 minutes.

There are more functions that I didn’t mention,so what are waiting for to order the new iPhone?


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