iPhone 7 is still on the way, but rumors of iPhone 8 start spreading

Apple events iphone 7

It is reported that the date of the newest Apple events is Sep 7th, but the news of iPhone 7 is not new and interest to people any more. People are already start discuss rumors about iPhone 8. There are lots of rumors for iPhone 7 and the hottest and the most popular news are missing headphone jack, double lens in the back, and adding pressure induction to Home key. Before iPhone 7 coming up, social media and blogs already published it.  

Apple events iphone 7

With the releasing date coming, some news is detailed. It was said that the new iPhone coming in September will use 3GB RAM. The same time, it was said that iPhone in 2017 will use OLED screen and glass in the front and back.

IPhone 7 Plus: 3GB RAM & Geekbench test results

A Geekbench test results image was published by Macrumors several days ago. Macrumors guessed device in the image, iPhone 9.2 with iOS 10, may be Apple iPhone 7 Plus coming in September. From the image, “iPhone 9.2” uses 2 cores processors with 2.37 GHz ARM. This processor got single-core score 3548 and multi-core sore 6430, which is 30% higher than last generation. Besides, the other news said 3GB RAM will just use in Plus series.

fake Geekbech test score

However, before Apple said anything, this new was already approved as a fake. It looks like if Apple fan want to get any answer from Apple, they should wait until Sep 7th.

IPhone 8: OLED screen & all glass enclosures

Besides iPhone 7, iPhone 8 in 2017 is pushed onto stage. Appleinsider, the web pays attention to Apple products for a long time, discloses that iPhone in next year will adopt a new design of appearance and all glass enclosures may be adopted in that generation of product. The all glass enclosures may be great news for iPhone 4 lover. For configuration, Appleinsider thinks iPhone 8 in 2017 will carry A11 processor and AMOLED display. But they didn’t disclose any other detail about this. So, this should be an opinion based on Apple update law every year. For that Apple will use OLED display for 2017 iPhone, this is a rumor spread for a long time.

All glass enclosures for iphone 8

In the recent time, Apple iPhone 8 in 2017 may be too far to consider. It is more useful to take look at the Apple events on Sep 7th.


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