What is Apple Watch?

different apple watch

Almost everyone heard about Apple Watch. Some people will pay to get an Apple Watch to take part of their expensive tranditional watches. It seems ridiculers for normal person to understand. So, let’s discuss here about what Apple Watch is and what it does for our life.

different apple watch

What is Apple Watch?

Apple Watch (or iWatch) is a smartwatch exploited by Apple on September 2014. There are three kinds of styles in variety of color, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition.

What does the Apple Watch do?

Apple Watch has variety of dial plates that you can change and design by yourself. You can add info of weather or next activity to your dial plate. It will also show the info of your heartbeat. Apple Watch cooperates with iPhone and the time error with global standard time won’t 50 milliseconds.

When you get a notification, Taptic Engine will remind you immediately through tapping. You can also use Apple watch to send Sketch, Tap, or heartbeat to other Apple Watch users through Digital Touch. Apple Watch will suggest a new week exercise goal every Monday according to the data in last week.

different apple watch and functions

Apple Watch has a built-in-Uber and Passport, and offers you images and videos watching remotely.

Moreover, functions like map navigation and time shaft are added to Watch OS 2.0 and the third party Apps that are compatible to Apple Watch reach 1000 already. It won’t be a problem to use Facebook Messenger or to control GoPro through Apple Watch.

Disadvantages of Apple Watch

Short battery life: the most satisfaction part of Apple Watch is the 18 hour battery life, which means after a day use, the user need to charge it instead of wear it during the night.

apple watch low battery life

Reaction Sensitivity: in general, users can check what time is it by uplifting the wrist. This is the function that Apple Watch will be revoked when uplifted. But, this function is not as sensitive as it should be. Many users need to move wrist many timed to revoke it.

Complicated Setting Process: it takes about 2 to 3 minutes to pair Apple Watch with iPhone and in order to set in your favor you need to spend nearly an hour to answer a bunch of questions.

apple watch complicated setting

Speech Recognition: it is convenient to send message by voice. But if the word is hard for Siri to understand, users will need to find iPhone to enter.

No Reaction When Sweat: one of the most important functions for Apple Watch is exercise. But if you sweat in hand, it will be difficult to control Apple Watch. Therefore, it won’t come true if you want to get data after run for 30 minutes.

wear apple watch when sporting

Apple Watch is still a new product, and it is a pretty good device to improve life quality. However, time is need for Apple Watch to get perfect.


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