Is Tempered Glass Necessary For iPhone 6?

For most people, it seems that it’s a practice to apply a tempered glass on the display and have a new case for the brand-new iPhone 6. It costs you several hundreds of dollars to get a sleek and cool iPhone 6, but you just think about the word, protection. And then you may add a screen protector and a case to make the ultra-thin iPhone look like a Motorola. So, is tempered glass necessary for iPhone 6?

Is Tempered Glass Necessary For iPhone 6, What Is Tempered Glass

Read a little about what’s the tempered glass before you answer the question, is tempered glass necessary for iPhone 6. Briefly, the tempered glass is made by heating the glass and then cooling it very quickly. This type of glass breaks differently than normal glass, creating more rounded edges of glass pieces instead of jagged shards that regular glass creates. A tempered glass protector is a multi-layered screen protector. It has a bottom layer of absorbent silicon, PET film and an optically clear adhesive tempered glass and oleophobic coating in that order. Tempered glass is up to five times stronger than normal glass.

Pros: Tempered Glass Is Necessary For iPhone 6

Yes, it need to use screen protector for iPhone 6. And the tempered glass could protect the screen very well. Because a screen protector will only protect your screen from scratches. But a tempered glass will protect your display from scratches as well as it will avoid some damages face to the screen. 
1. Up to 9H hardness, keep your screen against any scratches.
2. Anti shatter, protect your screen excellently.
3. Anti fingerprint and anti oil, keep the screen clean and tidy.
4. Self adhesion, the silicon glue can absorb on the screen automatically, without any bubble.

Some tempered glass addicts claims that a tempered glass protection is much needed on any phone and considering the premium price of an iPhone, you need and should to put a piece of tempered glass on it, preferably the ones with a good protection against drops. If you do not put a tempered glass on your phone then you are going to be in serious trouble.

Tempered Glass Is  Necessary For iPhone 6

Cons: Decide To Use A Tempered Glass Or Not According To Your Phone

If you understand what version of the protection your phone comes with you need to put extra protection accordingly. For example, some phones come with protection which will only protect from scratches and not from shattering of screen, in that condition you should go and put a tempered glass. About the iPhone 6, its screen is made of Gorilla Glass which means it designed to be thin, light and damage-resistant.

Is Tempered Glass Necessary For iPhone 6,

Just consider that once you apply a poor and inferior tempered glass on the iPhone 6’s screen and it may attract some unnecessary finger prints or scratches, which will be harmful when you look the screen. 

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Is Tempered Glass Necessary For iPhone 6?》有13个想法

  1. No, I do not have a tempered glass for my phone. I think having a tempered glass for a phone is a very good idea, though.

  2. I think tempered glass is a great idea, both my daughters have put it on their phones


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