How to Make Your Running Lives Easier

how to make running easier

how to make running easier

As we all know that music is a great motivational tool when you are trying to lose weight. A nice music rhythm can make you feel powerful when you are running.

However, if your headphones always keep popping out of your ears, it is really annoying and frustrating.So, today I collect several tips and tricks what I have used during my runs for you. Hope you will enjoy them.

how to make running easier

1: The cord will decide the usage of the headphones. Apple’s cords are “Springy” and that has become the trend recently, for its high quality and great oral reputation.

It also means that all the motions are moving up the headphones and wiggling them out of your ears. Position the cord, to make sure there’s an absorption point, and your headphone wires will be absorbed while shocked.

2: Earphone Size. If you have interchangeable earpiece attachments, find the fits snugly one. Also, here I offer you a pro tip for your older apple earpieces or round headphones. Put them in slanted sideways, you may lose a lot of immediate volume (you can compensate it by yourself), and it will wedges in better and won’t wobble around.

Well, if you still feel tired of the handle the mess earphones while running, you may need a pair of sport earbuds. Its will stay in a place no matter how high-impact your workout get. It looks fantastic.

Today, we’ve rounded up 3 nice sport headphone options that suit a variety styles and budgets. Check the recommendations below.


1: Philips Earhook Headphones

how to make running easier

The huge special of the Philips Earhook Headphones is flexibility that can hook around your ear. They provide decent sound quality, stay sung and secure in your ears, and also come with a 1.0-meter-long cable so you can pop your iPod in a jacket or just in your running pants. Prices only $9.99

2: EasyAcc EP2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds with APT -X

how to make running easier

If you are crazy about the wraparound-style headphones, EasyAcc EP2 can be your best choice. It comes with a cord adjuster so you can get the exact length you want. No worries about the heavy sweating, because the headphones are protected in a moisture guard.


3: Sennheiser Twist-to-Fit Earbuds

how to make running easier

Both sweat and water resistant, the Sennheiser earphones can totally ensure you are getting the most comfortable fit. The sound quality is stellar with neodymium magnets for detailed sound, and each pair comes with an ear adapter set, a cable clip, and a carrying case. How great it is!


Focusing on your fitness process?

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