Do You Really Know 3D Touch in Your iPhone?

3D touch feature

3D Touch is a new feature for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus that you can press in on the pressure sensitive screen to get access to all sorts of contextual shortcuts for some Apps, such as Mail, Safari, etc. It is not only works for Apple App, but also works for Apps from the third party. Many of you may hear about this, but I am sure that not everybody really uses this feature fully. Here we found a video that can show you how awesome this feature works.

In the home Page, for the Apps that support 3D touch, you can quickly start with some functions after pressing the particularly App, such as creating a new post in Instagram. Instead of pressing the App, looking at the options coming, and select what you want, you can press and swipe your finger to the options quickly to short the operation time. For Contact, 3D touch also works to help you quickly calling or sending message to the people.

3D touch camera

There is a feature comes with 3D touch named peak and pop. It works for many App such as Mail, Safari, and Notes. Here takes Mail as an example. You can take a preview of the message by pressing and swiping. Other options will come after swipe up to the peaking. But if you want to read the full info after preview, you can press harder to enter the massage. This will also works for the address in the massage.

3D touch for mail preview

For the camera App, sometimes we need to check the picture before. With 3D touch, we can quickly preview the photos instead of enter Photos and back to Camera.

By 3D touching your keyboard, you can move the cursor to the location you want and after press harder, you can highlight some text conveniently. Instead of switching Apps by using Home key, you can also 3D touch the edge of your screen.

3D touch for cursor using

Consider of different preference, you can change your pressure sensitive for 3D touch or close it by finding the 3D touch in Accessibility of General Setting. Just feel and decide which you want. To get more detail info, you can check the video above, which we high recommend.


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