What to do if you drop cell phone in water?

Drop Cell Phone in Water

Whether you’ll be lounging at the beach, the lake, or the pool this summer, every now and then, you would happen to drop cell phone in water. OMG!!! What Am I Gonna Do?   

drop cell phone in water (2)

— Well, my Galaxy is waterproof. 

— Well, what if it’s not waterproof?

— Well, if you fit the first case, why not share the words for those whoes cell phones are not waterproof? If you’re for the second choice, just keep reading and have a try .

Actually, even if your cell phone takes a dip in the drink, there’s a chance you can save it, but only if you act quickly. Here’s what to do if you drop your cell phone in water. 

  1. 1. Grab it! 

Whether you drop cell phone in a pool or in the porcelain throne, the first and the most important thing to do is to grab and get it out of the water right away as the longer your cell phone takes a bath, the more likely water is to get inside of and ruin it. 

Drop Cell Phone in Water

2. Turn it Off

When you grab the phone out from the water and it’s still turned on, turn it off ASAP unless you wanna its wet to be a surefire way to short the circuit board and ruin it for good. 

3. Dry it Off

If your phone has a removable battery or microSD card, take it out. 

If your phone has some port cover or a removable back panel, open it and let the air out. 

fix water damaged phone

Warning: DO NOT try to dry your phone with a blow drier as that could damage your phone’s internal components permanently.

do not blow it

4. Rice and Silica

As the previous step is just to dry on the outside, you’ll have to continue to dry on the inside. The easiest way is to fill a bowl with uncooked rice and bury your phone in it as the rice would wick away the moisture and ensure complete dry inside and out. 

Surely, it’s also perfect to drop your wet phone into a plastic of silica packets (which you can find in shoe boxes). 

No matter which way you will choose, DO remember to leave your phone in the bowl or bag for about 3 days at least to make sure that all of the moisture has been removed.

dry on dropped phone in water

5. Turn On and Test

Okay, it’s time to turn it on for test whether it can work. If it does turn on, you’re good to go; If it doesn’t power on after charging (Question: How to Choose a Qualified Portable External Battery), your phone might start to malfunction over time and you’ll have to retire and recyle it. Or you could go for the next step.

it's ok

6. Rinse it

 This step could be an absolute last resort, as it can damage your phone further. But if the above steps didn’t work, this might just be worth trying. 

Apart your phone and strip it down to the circuit board, wet a toothbrush with isopropyl alcohol and gently brush the board to clean out any gunk that might made its way into your phone when it got wet, for example, the salt from salt water. Also, the alcohol could dissolve the glue in your phone, and cause irreparable damage. 

7. Get Phone Insurance

If you do get some kind of accidental damage insurance for your cell phone upon buying it, when you drop cell phone in water for example and it doesn’t work, you are able to get a new one. 

Got any other tips or tricks to fix it when you drop cell phone in water? Let us know in the comments!

Drop Cell Phone in Water




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