No Single, Another Apple Macbook USB-C Charger

No Single, Another Apple Macbook USB-C Charger

Maybe the new time is coming, Apple Macbook’s USB-C third-party charger will be allowed in recent days.

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Some thoughts we’d never considered may be allowed to expand the needs of the previous unique USB-C port, third-party chargers will be another choice of Apple Macbook USB-C chargers. The 12-inch MacBook may reduce its size and weight to gain more eyes from Apple fans, but the fact is it may have less power of a MacBook Pro, and not be as good of a deal as a MacBook Air. But what makes it more attractive, its single USB-C port may allow for third-party chargers.

Apple Macbook USB-C Charger

As what Apple said, they wanted to make sure the USB-C port was the most advanced and versatile one available. The USB-C port puts just about everything you need in a port all in one place. However, it requires you to equip with a $79 adapter if you want to plug in more than one device as a time. So just forget the slogan, about the so-called speedy USB 3 data transfer, and video output in a reversible design that’s one-third the size of a USB 3 port, plenty of third-party chargers will be allowed as Apple Macbook USB-C chargers. But it seems that the new MacBook will support most USB-C accessories, even chargers. The only thing necessary for a charger to work is support for the USB Power Delivery 2.0 specification. And how it realizes? This is not the first time to have the third-party charging options into available, but it’s failed because they were costly and usually required an Apple-supplied MagSafe to function anyway in the past. It’s happy to see there are some other useful third-party accessories, like video accessories are also allowed by the USB-C port.

third-party  Apple Macbook USB-C Charger

What will be the downside if third-party chargers replace Apple Macbook USB-C charge successfully? Maybe the USB-C can’t be same safe as what Apple’s reliable MagSafe connector does, which means it’s not confirm that a MacBook could keep from crashing to the floor. Another third-party Apple Macbook USB-C charger will make you more cautious and careful when picking the new charger. Things always come with two sides. When the choice of charger grows wide, you might want to be more careful.

No Single, Another Apple Macbook USB-C Charger》有11个想法

  1. At this point, the feature of being able to use a third party charger doesn’t really matter to me. So, MacBook Air it is.


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