LG G5 V.S Samsung Galaxy S7: which is your love

lg g5 vs galaxy s7

lg g5 vs galaxy s7

Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are two flagship cellphones in 2016. If you didn’t planning to wait and get an iPhone 7 yet, you may think about choose one of them. So, what the differences between them and who is worth to buy?

Size: Galaxy S7 has larger battery capacity than last generation, which makes it thicker. But it looks like that LG G5 are in similar thickness as S7. LG G5 is 6% wider and 5% higher than S7 in the front.

Screen Size: The screen for LG G5 is 8% larger. If you really want a Samsung, you can get Galaxy S7 Edge with 5.5 inch screen.

size of lg g5 and galaxy s7

Texture: Galaxy S7 follows the appearance design of S6 in using glass in the back with metal frame, but uses cambered rear cover as Note 5. In G5, LG finally jump a step from plastic and leather design in G4 to full aluminum alloy body.

Modularization: LG G5 is equipped with creative modular version. Although, comparing with cellphone modular fantasy, it is just a baby, but this is also the first step. The bottom part can be pulled up and replaced by LG Cam Plus or Hi-Fi Plus module.

Cam Plus module is actually a camera handle coalesced with shutter key and zoom controller to improve the feeling when taking photos. Besides, there is a built-in battery in the module to longer the time of endurance.

Hi-Pi Plus module is a portable Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). G5 can be an amazing music player with it immediately.

lg g5 modular design

Color: Galaxy S7 misses blue this year. Also, there are black, gold, and silver, but silver won’t show in the U.S. So, if you want silver, you will need to get larger Galaxy S7 Edge.However, LG G5 offers 4 colors including pink.

Fingerprint Sensing Element: This is basically the standard configuration for flagship cell phone. The difference is the location. Fingerprint Sensing Element is put under Home key in the front by Samsung, while located under camera in the back by LG G5.

Fingerprint Sensing Element in the back of lg g5

Built-in Storage: Operators in the U.S only offer 35 GB storage for Galaxy S7, but 64GB and 128GB are available in other countries.  LG G5 only has 32 GB but the 360 CAM modules can add extra 4 GB storage.

Battery: Samsung Galaxy S7 improves the battery capacity a lot. The difference is 200mAh between them two and LG G5 is the small one. But, the same like storage, 360 CAM modules can add extra 1200mAh capacity, but costs money.

Ports: Samsung still using Micro USB to transmit data and charge, which may because of the concern of compatibility with Gear VR. However, LG G5 uses the new and faster USB Type-C port.

Type-C port for lg g5

Quick Charge: Both S7 and G5 use Quick Charge technique from Qualcomm, but LG G5 has the latest version, Quick Charge 3.0, which make it charge 27% faster than Quick Charge 2.0 in Galaxy S7.

Wireless charge: All flagship cell phones in Samsung 2016 support wireless charging. You can enjoy faster wireless charging if you buy a Samsung quick charge pad for 70 dollar.

Camera: Galaxy S7 offers wider diaphragm to improve the effect when shooting in rayless environment. LG G5 is equipped with two camera in the back with 1600 pixel, and one of them has 135mm lens to make your photo plentiful.

Waterproof: Samsung finally get this function back in 2016. S7 have IP68 level waterproof, which means it can still work longer than 30min under water for 1.5 meter. Maybe because of the Modular design, LG G5 doesn’t have any waterproof ability.

galaxy s7 waterproof

Now, it is your turn to decide which one you want more.

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LG G5 V.S Samsung Galaxy S7: which is your love》有70个想法

  1. I still can’t decide which one I would get. I think I would have to actually try them side by side to see which one I would prefer.

  2. I like the G5 better – I used to have the latest samsung phone as they came out but last year made the leap to the LGG4 – I seriously love this phone and I think the G5 is even better – however the S7 is a great phone too –

  3. I heard that the S7 catches on fire and the battery explodes if you use it on a plane. I’m using a G5 right now and I’m lovin it! This phone screen is so big 😉


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