How to Find Great Bluetooth Headphones:If New IPhone 7 Miss Headphone Jack

airbud for iphone 7

Wireless headphone used to be a concept product, but it is the main force in the market nowadays, and Bluetooth headphones is the most popular one in this area. After the increasing number of people enjoying wireless music and wireless home environment, there are more and more questions when getting a Bluetooth headphone. Especially, on the time before iPhone 7 coming, it is said that Apple may give up the headphone jack in iPhone 7. If iPhone 7 miss the headphone jack as we heard, finding a great Bluetooth headphone may be a good start for you. Therefore, here we try to help you to find great Bluetooth headphone.

airbud for iphone 7

Why you need Bluetooth headphones?

You should know what you want Bluetooth headphones mainly help before you buy them. You need to find out you want them help calling, listening to music, playing game, or watching movies. I believe, if you need to get Bluetooth headphones for you iPhone 7 in the future, communication won’t be the only reason.

Bluetooth headphones aren’t similar as music headphones, which more or less can be used in gaming. There is no way for mono Bluetooth headset to help you enjoy the music. This is the most important point. For no trying when you buy them online, you should pay attention to check if the Bluetooth headphones have double channel. This is not an ignorant question, because some cheap communicating Bluetooth headphone can’t offer good sound quality to enjoy music, even though it has binaural output. Communication is always the selling point of these products.

Mono Bluetooth Headphone for communication


The good news is most mono Bluetooth Headset can be compatibility with most cellphones. But there are some compatibility questions in traditional music Bluetooth headphones from low-end to high-end. For example, some keys may lose efficacy. So we suggest you to try first when buying music Bluetooth headphones to make sure it works perfectly. Especially to help you enjoy the new iPhone 7.

Active Noise-cancellation

Active noise cancellation is the new development direction of headphones today. Consider about the price, music headphone with active noise-cancellation always cost more than 150 dollars, which may be hard to accept to ordinary people, while the price for Bluetooth communication headphones is cheaper than 100 dollar. This function won’t let the Bluetooth headphone have outstanding design than normal ones, but communication effect will let you know where you paid money on, to hear the voice clearly in noise. Nice Bluetooth headphone for iPhone needs to have function like this.



After three key points mentioned above, you can think about these aspect when looking for a headphones.

Product Quality: When buying Bluetooth headphones, you should care more about the quality and performance, such as battery life and radiation quantity. Some worse Bluetooth headphone can’t promise its material or quality based on the cost control.

Transmission Distance: This point is not related to the Bluetooth version, but depends on the advancement of technology. The standard transmission distance for PowerClass2 is 32 ft. But for advanced PowerClass1, the distance increase to 320 ft. with a Hi-Fi stereo effect.


Connection Quality: This is the best standard of Bluetooth headphone that I believe every one of you knows.

Stand-by Time: Thinking about the stand-by time for cellphone, you will notice that longer stand-by time means less worry about charging, especially for the time that iPhone have better battery.

Wearing Comfort: In case of hurting your ear after longtime wearing, you should care about the material or design of ear hooks of Bluetooth headphone.

Different earhook

Shape: consider about different feature, the shape of headphone influences the appearance and wear comfort.

Until here, do you have some ideas and be prepared to find your Bluetooth headphones? May be you can also concern about our EasyAcc EP2 Bluetooth Sports with APT-XOr you can also check our other article about 5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to find some expensive but fantastic headphones.

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How to Find Great Bluetooth Headphones:If New IPhone 7 Miss Headphone Jack》有84个想法

  1. Try or buy mono Bluetooth Headset. Cause can be compatibility with most cellphones.

  2. Bluetooth headphones are something I’d like to add to my gadgets. Thanks for the info!


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