How to connect MacBook with TV

connect macbook with tv

If you want to make the TV display plays the image on your MacBook display, you can use either display adapter or Apple TV and Airplay. There are pros and cons for these two ways. You need to concern about the problems include support ports for MacBook and TV, if you use display adapter, while less display options can be configured if you use Apple TV to simplify steps. Here we will show you how to connect MacBook with TV by each of the two ways.

TV screen connect with Macbook screen

Display Adapter

  1. Check type of the video port in your MacBook.

Different MacBook have different video ports that control the type of connector you can use. In order to connect your MacBook to TV, this is the first things that you need to figure out. In general, there are four types:

a)HDMI port: This port is the same size as USB port but has indentation in one side. You can find “HDMI” on it. It is lucky to find this port, because the only thing you will need is HDMI cable.
b)Thunderbolt port: This port is smaller than USB port with a lightning logo on it. You can use either Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort adapter for it.
c)Mini DisplayPort: The shape of this port is similar as Thunderbolt port. But its logo is a rectangle with a line in two sides. For this port, you can only use Mini DisplayPort adapter.
d)Micro-DVI port: This port is as slim as USB port with the same logo as Mini DisplayPort. There is a Micro-DVI port just for it.

DIfferent types of video port in Macbook

  1. Check the type of video port in TV.

Before you get an adapter for your MacBook, you should check the TV video port type. Most TVs nowadays support HDMI port, which allow you transmit vision and sound signal at the same time, and then you can connect your MacBook to these TV easily. If you don’t have HDMI port, the best choice for high quality image is DVI connection, but you will need an extra audio connection to transmit sound signal.

video port in TV to connect Macbook

  1. Find the right converting adapter.

In order to connect different devices, you may need a converting adapter too, such as converting Thunderbolt port to HDMI port. That’s why it is lucky to have HDMI port in MacBook. As long as the TV support HDMI port, all you need is a cable.

converting adapter to connect macbook with tv

  1. Get a cable.

Except for adapter, you need a cable to connect adapter to TV. You can choose HDMI or DVI cable.

HDMI cable

  1. Find the right input source.

After connect all adapters, cables, and devices, you can open TV and switchover the input source. You will find the image in your MacBook display transfer to TV automatically.

tv screen for input switch

  1. Set your MacBook.

Open the System Preferences and click the Displays option. Then you can adjust your display arrangement or mirror display. Mirror display will let your MacBook and TV play the same picture.

Going back to the System Preferences and choosing the Sound options, you can change the output to HDMI and let the TV play the sound in MacBook.

system preferences guide

Apple TV and Airplay

  1. Set and Configure Apple TV Device.In order to use Airplay, you need to connect Apple TV to TV . The system in the device should be later than IOS 5.1.

Apple Tv and remote

  1. Make sure OS X version is compatible. In order to use Airplay to wirelessly transmit image, you need to operate version later than OS X 10.8.

  2. Connect MacBook and Apple TV in the same Wi-Fi Environment.

  3. Set MacBook. Open the System Preference and find Display option. There is an Airplay display menu in arrangement page and you need to find Apple TV in it. After that, the image in you MacBook display will be shown in your TV.

change display to apple tv

Hope you enjoy your movie on TV. If you still feel that TV screen is not large enough, and want to change to a projector for your movie or TV show, you can go and check another page to know how to connect MacBook to a projector.

How to connect MacBook with TV》有4个想法

  1. Use display adapter with the same port to macbook and port tv. Or use converting adapter. With the same port to macbook and same port to another device


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