Will It Be The Foldable Display Rumored Samsung Galaxy X?

Will it be the foldable display rumored Samsung Galaxy X

We have heard much of flexible displays in recent years, which have become this kind of technology that everyone talks about but no one found a real use in commercial products , everything has remained in promises and attempts do not end up take off, as the case of the G Flex LG and Samsung Edge family.

Samsung has been one of the companies that has shown prototypes flexible panels, from Youm screens 2013, to rumors of possible launches in 2014 and 2015 ; and this 2016 is not to fall behind, because we already have the first rumors of an alleged Galaxy X , which would be a new family of devices with flexible screen would arrive during 2017, which begins to make sense with the recent introduction of a new panel Flexible AMOLED .

This is the new generation of folding panels Samsung

This week is taking out the SID 2016 in the city of San Francisco, an annual fair where innovations are presented in the field of screens, where Samsung has shown new panels that could be used in their upcoming devices.

The first, and most interesting, is a 5.7 ​​- inch AMOLED panel with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), a thickness of 0.3 mm, a weight of 5 grams and a bending radius of 10 millimeters , which will roll it up and thus have a new design and how to interact with a mobile.

Will it be the foldable display rumored Samsung Galaxy X

On the other hand, it has also made ​​the announcement of two AMOLED touch panels 13.3 and 14 inches that have reduced thickness by 40% , which will be thinner and lighter notebooks and convertible computers. Likewise also it announced that in the coming days will show a transparent panel and a reflective mirror created for technology that was presented in development during the past CES 2016.

But undoubtedly the most attractive is the roller AMOLED panel , which coincides almost all the rumors of Galaxy X, except for the 4K resolution, which opens us upto new possibilities and also leaves us with many questions, since not imagine as you might use a capable of winding on both sides smartphone, unless suit as abracelet.


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