New iPhone 7 Design Photo Leaked Again

Photos and rumors of iPhone 7 and 7 plus has been leaked for many times though there are four months before its final release. Several secrets are no longer secrets, especially iPhone 7’s design in appearance. Recently, OnLeaks exposed the project design of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus from all angles. According from OnLeaks, these photos are from famous cell phone supplier Catcher Technology, Taiwan.

iPhone 7

New iPhone 7 Design Photo Leaked Again: iphone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

New iPhone 7 Design Photo Leaked Again: iphone 7 plus

1. The 3.5mm earphone jack no longer exists.
2. Lines on the back move to the head and bottom.
3. Speakers lie on one side of the bottom, no stereo speaker system.
4. Single camera of iPhone 7 and dual cameras of iPhone 7 plus remain protruding with metal ring missed.
5. iPhone 7 plug equips with Smart Connector.

Recently it is said iPhone 7 will come out with a new color option called “Dark Blue” or “Deep Blue”. Designer Martin Hajek created some renderings imagining what such handsets might look like.

As a whole, we can see that there is no obvious change in iPhone 7 design photos, especially in appearance. That means Apple has been used the same design for 3 years. Is this a good choice for Apple? Leave your comment below and we can discuss about this.


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