Solar Cellphone Charger Trip

Solar Cellphone Charger

Are you planning the next trip and thinking about trying solar energy? Get a little thrill by charging off the grid? Energy and power play a role in outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping and riding. Today I’d like to show you our outdoors amateur – Sepp Fischer’s hiking with EasyAcc solar panel charger.

Solar Cellphone Charger

More info can be found at his Facebook page- Waldhandwerk(but in German:))

Get the deals coupon for this 28 high conversion rate Solar Panel Charger.

This 28 watt portable panel is an entry level device often referred to as a “gateway” panel. Sure you’ll get free solar energy, and yes, you will lower your carbon footprint. But be careful because the satisfaction of off grid charging can become a steady habit.

Put this panel on the ground and the vertical incident solar rays are very important for sunshine collection.

Plug the charging cable in this way:

Solar Cellphone Charger

Close the zipper

Solar Cellphone Charger

OK, the solar charger is now charging your smartphone.

Solar Cellphone Charger

Yes, you can also band it with your backpack, so you can get free energy while walking. But be careful, it is not the best way to most energy form sunshine. The conversion rate will be lower than usual.

Solar Cellphone Charger

Let’s put on backpack and go!

Solar Cellphone Charger

Solar Cellphone Charger

Just on our way!

Solar Cellphone Charger

Already on the mountain top, let the solar charger to get more power from the sun.

Solar Cellphone Charger

Relax moment for beautiful view.


Solar Cellphone Charger Solar Cellphone Charger






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