How to Upgrade Your Devices to USB 3.0

How to Upgrade Your Devices to USB 3.0

Suggesting ways to upgrade your devices from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0, including Desktop and laptop.

How to Upgrade Your Devices to USB 3.0

USB 3.0 provides a super faster possibility for computers and other devices to transfer data. It was first introduced to public in 2010 and gains its places in recent years. In this way, large amount of old devices didn’t equipped with USB 3.0 port. Here in this passage, I will get you methods to upgrade your USB 2.0 devices to USB 3.0.

Desktop computer
How to Upgrade Your Devices to USB 3.0

Desktop computers contain expansion slots, which are used to upgrade your computer with new components. The PCI (Peripheral Component Interfaces) slots vary in size and allow faster data transfers. Depending on the size of your computers you may have 2-4 slots. Opening your computer case and inserting a USB 3.0 card in to anyone of those slots as far as it fit will upgrade your computer to USB 3.0. Most cards are PCIe 1x cards and use one channel on the computer bus. This means that all ports on the card share one highway on the computer bus and share bandwidth. So if you plug multiple USB devices in simultaneously, the transfer speed will be reduced.

Lap top
How to Upgrade Your Devices to USB 3.0: laptop 2USB 3.0 is a different technology that uses slightly different connectors and – most importantly – is not upwards compatible in the sense of “just install a new driver and it works”.

Assuming you have an Express Card Slot or an eSata port on your laptop: Buy an eSata to USB 3.0 cable to get your eSata port connected to an externally powered usb 3.0 hub with a coupler. First, get an eSata to USB cable to go from the PC to the hub, next get a female to female usb 3.0 coupler to connect the 3.0 hub’s male cable end to your esata to USB 3.0 cable. “Externally powered” USB 3.0 hub can connect into your laptop at 3.0 transfer speeds and your 3.0 devices requiring power can be fed what they need from the hub. If you “have” an express card slot, just get one with usb 3.0 and plug it in.

To simply know more about how to upgrade your device to USB 3.0, watch video below:


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