Before You Buy a New iPhone, Read This

5 ways to make your old iPhone works faster so that you are no need to buy a new one.


How long have you been used the iPhone in your hand? Do you feel it gradually going slower and therefore need a new one? Please hold on just a minute and take a look at the following tips, they may make your iPhone run faster and last longer, therefore save you from the budget of a new phone.


  1. Disable “Background App Refresh”

Some of you frequently open tons of apps and some always open them by mistake since the signs of many apps look similar. When you log out or close the useless apps, you might think they are disabled but actually they still run background. Well, you could close them individually, but a more convenient way is to simply disable “Background App Refresh” which you can find in general settings. This allows only the app you are using can refresh its content.



  1. Delete or reinstall apps that take up lots of space

Well, take a look at your iPhone and count the numbers of apps you have in it. How many of them you usually use and how many of them you seldom or never open? The suggestion is, if you don’t use an app, you’d better delete them from your phone. As for the apps you do use, deleting and reinstalling them will clear all cache and provide a clean slate and less-bloated phone.



  1. Clean out photos and old messages

Besides the apps you delete, the photos and old messages also take up massive amounts of storage space on your phone. As the top-notch camera built in your iPhone, the high quality pictures and videos fill up the hard drive soon. Back up them and delete them from your phone is necessary. Set texts to be deleted after 30 days frees you from handling this chore as well as keep the recent messages.



  1. Disable location services for apps that don’t need GPS

While you could geotag your tweets, disabling the GPS access for most apps can help your phone’s battery life and speed. In your phone location services in the privacy settings, you can select which apps get to use GPS and how often.



  1. Get a case

If you are not a big fan of Jony Ive’s design, you’d better buy your iPhone a useful case to prevent it from fallings, scratches or other damages. Or you will need to budget some extra money for screen repairs and all-new iPhone. The EasyAcc Silicon TPU case is specially designed for your iPhone 6/6s and the thin as well as transparent case keeps the original shape of the cell phone, enables you to enjoy the design always.



       Above are tips for you to get a faster and longer-last iPhone. Considering these elements before buying a new one and maybe you’ll get more money for New Year plan.


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