How To Charge Phone Faster

How to charge phone faster

How To Charge Phone Faster?

1. Use a More Powerful Charger
Rather than simply using the charger that came with your device, you can sometimes charge it faster by upgrading to a more powerful charger. For example, Apple’s iPhone 6 phones ship with a 1A (5W) charger, but they can charge faster when plugged into Apple’s 2.1A (12W) iPad charger or other smart charger. If you want to charge your iPhone 6 faster, instead of its normal charger, plug it into an iPad charger or a smart charger.

Which means that it can automatically detect the input of devices connected and therefore output the most appropriate current due to the Smart technology applied in it, making the charging process safer and faster.
how to charge phone faster


This guy from bought 3 USB cables of different lengths. Through experiments he found that the shorter the cable the faster the charge but up to a limit. These two pictures show you that shorter cable deliver more power.
short cable charge phone faster

how to charge phone faster 3

3. Put it into airplane mode
The less your phone is trying do while it’s charging, the more quickly it will recharge. Airplane mode blocks any wireless radios on your device, reducing your phone’s capabilities and therefore stopping it from doing so much.

It won’t receive calls or messages while it’s in airplane mode, but it’s worth it to have a device that will stay on for the next few hours.
how to charge phone faster 4
If putting your phone into Airplane Mode is a little help for your battery, turning it off completely will help you to charge phone faster obviously. By turning your phone off while it charges, you’re stopping its need for power to operate the screen and motion sensors and to run applications.
Keeping your phone off also means, of course, that you’re not using it while it charges, making it go even faster. If you’re looking for the fastest charge, turn your phone off.
Besides, we could all use a few minutes away from our phones, right? Relax and talk with a friend – you know, in person – instead of anxiously watching your phone.

5. Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is an extra benefits for Android Phone and also a next-gen fast-charging technology for phones and tablets running certain Snapdragon processors. In Qualcomm’s own lab tests, it found a Quick Charge 2.0-enabled device with a 3300mAh battery was able to reach 60 percent capacity in 30 minutes; using a standard 5W phone charger just 12 percent charge was achieved in the same amount of time.

how to charge phone faster 5

6. Buy a portable USB charger
This won’t actually charge your phone faster, but it will solve the problem of having a low battery and not enough time to fully charge it. Portable USB chargers come in small, lightweight packages and often can be picked up for less than US$20.
how to charge phone faster,buy a portable power bank

>>>Need some battery saving tips for the long haul? Check out : How To Charge Your iPhone Faster.

Did you try any of these suggestions? What do you do to make your phone charge faster? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. i use a portable charger but didnt know such a charger was available to charge different types of phones so quickly. will be looking to aquire one in the near future


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