Introductions about External Battery

External Battery also called “mobile battery”, “Power bank”, “spare battery”, “digital charging companion”, and “charging stick”. It also has a very personal name: “mobile phone lover”. With the popularity of all kinds of smart phone and tablet computer, more and more people have found that the power of all kinds of digital products, especially the mobile phone’s own power, have been unable to meet our need for battery life in everyday use, and so to speak, the emergence of the wholesale power bank, to a certain extent, solved the problem. Then for the consumers who haven’t had any contact with mobile power supply, how to choose the power bank manufacturer or good quality power banks?


Whether the power supply is good or not relies largely on the battery cell. It is just like the car fuel tank and drive system, being responsible for the entire mobile power and providing a steady stream of power, and directly determines the quality of mobile power bank. Mobile power supply circuit board can be treated as a control system, which is mainly responsible for power distribution and transformation. It converts the voltage provided by lithium batteries into the standard voltage to provide electricity for charging device.

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As is commonly known by everyone, the lithium cobalt oxide is the liquid lithium ion battery, of which the common type is 18650 and square shapes. 18650 battery is 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm in height, widely used as laptop batteries. On account of being used universally with laptop battery, more than sixty percent of the mobile power uses 18650 batteries in today’s market. It has a wide range of application and portable size, the techniques are matured increasingly.


Lithium iron phosphate can be called scientifically as ferroelectric. Compared with other batteries, the biggest difference is the addition of iron element in the positive pole of the battery. Lithium iron phosphate is still in its infancy in recent years and it is a kind of potential material, its safety performance and cycle life is unmatched by other materials, and these are also the most important technology index of power battery. Lithium iron phosphate is non-toxic, good in safety performance and of no pollution. It has multiple sources for raw material and long service life, what more, the price is cheap. It is the ideal of anode material in a new generation of lithium ion battery.


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