Giveaway: Attractive but Effective Dual-Port USB Charging Dock (CLOSED)


Charging Dock. All Welcome.

Welcome to the world of EasyAcc Charging Dock. The USB charging station which satisfies the highest demands of design and technology.

Charging Dock. All in One.

Whether smartphone, tablet or camera – all join together in the stylish charging station. With its fast USB hub and its comprehensive features, it is suitable for virtually every digital device. Apropos space – thanks to the palm-sized design, premium craftsmanship and materials, it fits not only in your favorite places at home, but is perfectly suitable to taking along. Truly attractive, isn’t it?

Charging Dock. All Design.

In the development of EasyAcc dock, we have, right from the start, focused on versatility. The result is clear for all to see – and also pleasant to the touch. High-quality processed ABS plastic and environmentally friendly rubber strip, just to satisfy your demands for quality and performance.

Charging Dock. All Places.

Thanks to its timeless design and various charging possibilities, the charging stastion is a true highlight in many places. Welcome to share your charging ideas…

Charging Dock. All Features.

Our passion is not only for design but also for the functionalities. That’s also the idea we continuously share with our products and our fans. Smart technology, that intelligently and dynamically detects the connected device and then output the perfect amount of power to charge it up at the fastest possible speed. Meanwhile, in a unique triangular design with extended rubber strip, never worry about devices sliding or moving while charging.


Now we’re giving away one; and nothing complicated. Come join: a Rafflecopter giveaway



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