Design Competition: Rock Out Your Inspiration. Be an EasyAcc Designer (Closed)


If you love life, love to share, and love to discover the beautiful things around, come to join in our competition, that is, submit a pair of pictures (2 pictures for a pair) or more what you think are the more creative and suitable for our tablet cover. Our design team will carefully assess and select. Surely, all participants will win the chance for free EasyAcc products.


Brief Introduction: From 28, Aug. to 31, Aug., EasyAcc will launch the activity of creative pictures collection for the upcoming tablet cover with a reversible feature.


Everybody is born to be an artist; and could be an artist unless you wanna to rock our your inspiration and creativity. This time, EasyAcc offers you a rare opportunity to realize it, that is, your unique but creative design would be part of EasyAcc upcoming tablet cover; Just imagine, the creation with your name/logo hits on what most people like and win the best-seller on amazon. That’s not difficult; that’s not far away; that’s what you surely can do. Just let your ideas merge and collid to stimulate new design inspiration. Come on!!!

涂鸦中7  小孩涂鸦_副本(1)  003

 【to be a graffiti designer …】                                                       【to be a designer in future…】                 【or to be an EasyAcc designer NOW】


Awards & Prizes:

Engagement Award: 50 participants will be selected at random and receive an EasyAcc 3,000 mAh Power Bank;

Finalist Award: All participants whose pictures adopted by EasyAcc Design Team at last will receive the tablet cover with his/her name and other personalized logo.



1. Entry Time: 28, Aug. – 31, Aug. (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

2. All pictures are required to be clear with no restriction on theme.

3. Picture Format: jpg/png


How to Join:

1. Email to with the subject, Name + Photo Contest
2. Email Content: creative pictures + picture description + personal information (Name, shipping address)
3. We will keep confidential for all personal information
4. If you have any questions, send the email to
5. Award will be announced on Monday, 7, Sept. 2015.


EasyAcc reserves all the right for the final explanation.

0 thoughts on “Design Competition: Rock Out Your Inspiration. Be an EasyAcc Designer (Closed)

  1. I have received some very interesting pictures,thank you for your participation. It’s the last day of the activity, send E-mail and tell us your ideas immediately. You can be an Easyacc designer!


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