An Excellent Add to Multiple Data-Processing



How many of you have the problem of not being able to connect more than two hard drives to your laptop? The classic problem of the reviewer was that which, when he worked on a project, he needed to connect to his macbook a couple of hard disk to make it easier to work or simply to allow him to work while unloading of video material. From his work, obviously, the macbook did not recognize 2.0 hubs and, honestly, had already submitted very slow management time.

Here the solution to slove this problem is to have a USB 3.0 hub. And for this reason, SHIFTS has tested a very reliable superspeed USB 3.0 product from EasyAcc. The tested model has integrated LAN adapter, and you can find it with a memory card reader and 5 USB ports rather than that of 3.

Upon opening the box, you could observe that the construction materials are of high quality, with a durable plastic body and A-grade cables taht allow interference shielding.

While connected to the macbook, there is no needs to install any drivers. If you have an older Windows system, you will find a driver installation CD in the package.

As the hub is designed with 3 USB 3.0 ports, it eliminates the hassle of having to change each time. The head speed in downloading files has been, in early days of use, imperceptible . But its trasfer rate is identical to that of a direct link.

If you are looking for a great affordable hub, this product is right for you.

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