This Year, Give Mom More Than Candy



Mother, not just a synonym for relation but a person who put up with you as a smelly teen and supported you in all your moments of self-searching.

And now, it’s time to return the favor, whether you’re  thinking of your mom or the mother of your own kids,

From the time you were born, Mom showed you with TECH, connected you to the internet; if you were lucky, even hooked you up with your first cell phone.

This Mother’s Day, don’t wait for her to drop any hints — surprise her with a thoughtful gift that will make her feel truly spoiled.

This Mother’s Day, it’s Mom’s turn to be cool.

Use the code: POWERMOM till Next Monday and get MOM surprised.

EasyAcc Classic 10000mAh Power Bank


As a best-seller external battery in EasyAcc family, its compact and brilliant design with different color combination, absolutely is a preferred gift choice to let your mom keep powered up at any time.

Dual USB outputs: 5V 2.1A / 5V 1.5A

10000mAh capacityEnough juice packed for daily mobile devices running all the day.

For MOMs in U.K.:

For MOMs in U.S.:

For MOMs in Germany:


EasyAcc Metal 5000mAh Power Bank


With its slim, seamless, full metal construction, the sleek, ultra thin, dual curved Metal 5000mAh is crafted from the finest materials. The Finest is deserved for MOM.

An input of 1.8A design, faster than 80%+ similar capacity for recharging.

A capacity of 5000mAh can fully charge an iPhone 6 twice or a Galaxy S5 1.5 times.

For MOMs in U.K.:

For MOMs in U.S.:

For MOMs in Germany:


EasyAcc 24W 3-Port USB Car Charger

car charger

An uberpowerful triple-port charger meets your power-hungry gadgets for simultaneous, full speed charging on the road. Good chance to take MOM out for a short road trip and see different scenery.

Universal outputs of 2.4A/ 2.0A/ 1A to meet your universal charging needs.

Elegant but ergonomically design, considerate for you, considerate for MOM to take it along anytime, anywhere.

For MOMs in U.K.:

For MOMs in U.S.:

For MOMs in Germany:


EasyAcc DP100 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Room-filling sound and the industry’s longest playtime packed into one of the unique design. Unique gift, special day, only for the Great Person in the World.

A built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery providing up to 25 hours for music enjoyment.

A 4W audio inside to deliver an impressive sound for shouting out your love for MOM.

For MOMs in U.K:

For MOMs in U.S:

For MOMs in Germany:



And, just in case you forgot, Mother’s Day is on May 10, so here’s to not letting yourself get caught unawares!


This Year, Give Mom More Than Candy》有0个想法

  1. i like the effort you put into this. i would highly recommend the speaker, its a super sounding little thing! 🙂

    1. Hello Hanno, thanks for your message and support on EasyAcc.
      And we will never stop making your life easier!
      Have a nice weekend:)


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