Don’t want a bending iPhone6? We can help.

屏幕快照 2014-09-24 下午11.18.31

What’s #Smashing today?

Well the smashing news of the day is lots and lots people finding out their new iPhone6 is getting bent in the trouser pocket. And overwhelming tests and reports afterwards show that the new iPhone6 is quite “bendable” due to it’s super thin aluminum body. So in addition to it’s fragile screen which could possibly be broken, and now you have to be extra cautious when using the new beloved phone you just bought. I, myself, am a apple fan as well but I do really think about giving my phone a full protection, because when it get hurt, I get hurt too.

So what we recommend here today is the new release iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Case. Perfectly modeled with iPhone6, the leather case would add extra layers of protection to keep your phone looking fresh and reduce some or your stress. And the interior and exterior craftsmanship would work together to take the shock out of drops. Also, with strong magnetic closure, the case would not be opened easily while in your bag. 


And now you can even claim it for FREE, although only 5o freebies available in each country including UK, US and Germany. Follow the steps to protect your new phone:

1. Like our Facebook page/ Follow our Twitter page
2. Write to us to request a free sample. (Email:

3. Please give us both your shipping and e-mail address so we can send the case to you as soon as possible.
4. After you get the case and have posted your review, please provide us the link on Amazon.

P.S. Make sure this wallet case is only for iPhone6 not iPhone6 plus. Check the links for further product details:


So get the protection before you bend your phone!

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