Music on the go, Music in the air


What’s #smashing today?

As music could convey our emotions…

As music could make us be more happier…

As music could help us make more friends…

As music could take us around the world to know different  cultures…

As music could release our pressures…

As music could cheer us up…

As music could communicate with any one with no language barriers…

Why not turn off the family multimedia acoustics or remove the headset but walk outside with music released in the air?

If you agree with me but can not find a suitable appliance, what I show you today would be your choice.

Designed with the orange appearance, the bold color with compact and ultra-portable size would make you stand out in the crowd immediately. I am sure that no one could resist the charms of the autumn color. Or you could have a try.

While we are not only keen on the fascinating exterior design for our products, about this mini music speaker, it has been allocated with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR enabling any Bluetooth devices to connect with; but if there is no such function, you also could share the music through an AUX port. We always have got solutions for your easy life. In addition, provided with rechargeable lithium battery, you could also charge it with full juice in 2-3 hours after 4-6 hours playtime. No stop, no waiting, just music enjoyment.

No matter how long your playlist is, it could store it with the micro SD card supported;

No matter what type the music you wanna listen, it could satisfy you to the most with the FM radio;

No matter when the calls come in, it allows you to answer them with microphone.

See, tiny in size but loud in sound.

See, simple in design but convenient in use.

See, low in price but great in function.

Now it is available on Amazon, click the links and let music be in the autumn air.

£9.99 in UK

$15.99 in US

Available in more countries soon, more attention please.

For review about the product, please check the link below,




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