It’s Your Power Renovation Now


What’s #smashing today?

As the iPhone has been bigger than bigger, have you been thinking about to get another power bank with higher capacity?

As more and more awesome apps are  installed in your smartphones, have you been thinking about to get another powerful pack-up for your phone’s service life?

If I were you, I would pick out a suitable one for my smartphone once again.

And today, as your honest and considerate friend, we’ve here recommended you an exclusive power bank with higher capacity of 18000mAh, saving you from worrying about power outlet and charging your devices with enough juice all the time. Moreover, designed with dual USB ports, you could feed yours or your friends’ gadgets to full simultaneously. Wherever you are, parties, BBQ or other outdoor activities, why not take it along and enjoy yourself with no worry about phone battery?

And now, for this super power bank, only EUR 26.99 with the code L6ORF39U when checking out:

Or you could get it at original price and enjoy the following 3000mAh lipstick-sized power bank free with the code  JPJZ4ZGS at checkout:

EasyAcc U-Bright 3000mAh Ultra Lipstick-Sized Power Bank, with compact design, lipstick size and super lightweight, it could be a pretty good gift choice to your female friends or your wife, feeling nothing in the hand when playing with the power. Sometimes, they can put it into the clutch bag for the battery emergency. At the same time, designed with ultra bright LED flashlight, it is perfect for the darkness in case you would trip over in the dark when talking on the phone while walking.

Now it’s your turn to make a choice.No hesitation, just clicking at the moment. Or it would be gone as if it has never been.



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