Power Your iPhone6 Longer Than Longer


What’s #smashing today?

Apple has assured that the new iPhone would be bigger than bigger. While we would assure you that the smash today would be power it longer than longer.

The Smash today is called iChoc, designed with 5000mAh, which can charge an iPhone 6 twice, enough for your gadget full of juice away from an outlet. Although Apple has released some statistics about the battery life in some main iPhone functions, such as 3G talk, Wifi-browsing, audio and video, which also has inspired most people to prospect much on its battery tech, can it be powerful enough for you iPhone fans to give up portable power banks? Absolutely No!

80WT5000L-B_1731579553What’s more, with the most considerate design of built-in 8-pin lightning connector in the market,  iChoc could power up your iPhone 6 with no spare cables, making you free of cable and free of hassle. Whenever you go, iChoc is that one!

Besides, if you wanna charge your iPad or other smartphones, iChoc would also make you satisfied. With the dual output, power is just restored and get ready for your need. Even charging them at the same time, iChoc is alright, both capacity and speed.80WT5000L-B_1414066742

Powerful in energy, Thin in size. And that is iChoc, a thickness of only 0.43 inches making it one of the thinnest power banks in the world. Whenever you go and wherever you are, iChoc in your hand, iChoc in your pocket, iChoc in your cluth. iChoc means Power.

Powerful in function, Affordable in price. That is EasyAcc.

Till the end of September, purchase with ProCode, 30% off via Amazon. 



Amazon US: 54VS6ML5


Amazon Germany: 4C7OS3SU


You can’t score an iPhone6 till next week, but you can start planning how to accessorize it.



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